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How I Work From Home With My Husband As My Colleague and Partner

When Mayank and I decided to start our digital agency for small business owners in 2011, one of my greatest fears was not that the business would fail, but that we may not be great co-workers. **laughing** Seriously speaking, it is one thing to love the man you’re married to but it is a whole other thing to be working together, at home.

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Brighten Up Your Home Office with Classy Glass Photos

home office decorating tipIf you know me, you know I’m a sucker for unusual photo prints. We have a pencil sketch-style photo of our family, a Gallery Glass print from Lifephoto and now, a gorgeous glass photo from the folks at Fracture.

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How to Get More Time in the Day as a Work-at-Home Mom

get more hours in the day

The number one item on every work-at-home mom’s wish list this holiday season will probably be “get more time”.  Yes, we all want to get more hours in the day as we juggle work, home, family, and social commitments.

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WAHM Spotlight: An Interview with Martine de Luna of Dainty Mom

It’s time for WAHM Spotlight, again!
Today, I’m delighted to share a glimpse into the life of  Martine de Luna, owner of Dainty Mom, a lovely site for all work-at-home women and bloggers. Martine is someone I’ve known for a long time and consider a friend.
Over to Martine to know more about her work-at-home mom business and how she does it all.

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