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Productive Mornings, A Clean Home and Plenty of Time!

This month has been all about making the most of the time I have. In the midst of a crazy busy life, it is easy to let routines and systems fall by the wayside but doing so only adds to the craziness. So, I have a few set routines in place that help me retain my sanity, manage home and be a happy camper.

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Simple Planning for Productive Holidays

This week, I’m over at Productivity Your Way and since the theme of the month at The Mom Writes is all about getting organized for the holidays, I’m carrying it forward by talking about how to make a Holiday Planning Notebook, quite similar to a Home Management Notebook. A holiday planning notebook, as fancy as that may sound, is actually a simple binder with worksheets to help you stay on track with the cleaning, cooking, menu planning, shopping and decorating that the holidays involve. You can either make your own worksheets to sit your family and needs or you can print them off online. Having a planner at hand helps to identify tasks that will need immediate attention, delegation or elimination! ***laughing*** After all, staying happy and peaceful is the essence of this festive time.

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