How to Increase Productivity with Pen and Paper AKA My Experience Using the Bullet Journal Method

Increase Productivity with the Bullet Journal Method

It was a simple question in the Biz Bistro, “Has anyone used the bullet journal method to increase productivity” that got the buzz going.

Y’see, I’m all for being intentional with my time and using it as wisely as I can considering I need to allocate it for business, blogging, client projects, home management, family care, self-care. You get what I mean, right?

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Choosing and Organizing a Work-at-Home Calendar for Increased Productivity

work-at-home calendar organization tips


I’ve now been working from home for over 6 years and while I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it, I’ve also learnt that in order for me to grow without sacrificing my own peace-of-mind and that of my family, it is absolutely vital that I stay organized.

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5 Time Management Tips I Used to Save 5.5 Hours Every Week Last Summer {And How YOU Can Too!}

time management

Last summer, we’d given a lot of thought to sending Manini to a day camp for a couple of hours so that Mayank and I could get some work done.

But then, we realized it was defeating her purpose of being at home, away from school, hanging with us, learning on her own, playing independently and not in need of constant stimulation. Yes, we may be wrong and you may disagree, but that’s how it was for us and so after ALL the research I did, we didn’t send her anywhere. And yet, it was the most productive, profitable and peace-filled summer we had.

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A No-Fail Tip to Help You Never Be Tired, Exhausted, Burnt Out…Ever Again

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The last few weeks have been a blur of hectic activity. I had 2 major work projects that I had to work on, including a online social media 101 course that I’m teaching over at TLC. Added to that, I had to finish working on B-School {an online business course I’m studying for} and of course, my regular blogging here and at client blogs as well as managing the home front. You get the picture, right?

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