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Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home Mom

I have walked in your shoes.

I have experienced first-hand the effects of summer on one’s family and business.

I have been caught between wanting to spend time with my daughter who was home all day, managing household chores and wishing I could build our already flourishing businesses as well.

Not a very nice place to be in.

It overwhelmed me.

It left me exhausted.

It made me irritable and reduced my productivity.

Yes, not a nice place to be in.

That is why, I vowed to put systems in place to make sure that summer is never a time for tough choices for the work-at-home mom, to ensure that summer is spent having fun with the kids and building our businesses without losing our sanity, to make possible the idea that one can kick back and move forward at the same time.

And Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home Mom was born.

The original edition has now been updated as of May 2015 to make it more inspiring, actionable and encouraging.

An eBook designed to make this season a time of productivity, positivity and profits for the work-at-home mom.

Armed with Summer Sanity Savers, you will learn:

  • How to create schedules that work for success and routines that rock your life and map out your day productively.
  • How to keep the kids busy and engaged without busting the bank.
  • How to eat healthy while juggling emails and meetings.
  • The 5 things every work-at-home mom needs to make summer successful.
  • The 5 things everyone can outsource, delegate or do away with. Yes, you can do away with tasks!
  • The 10 tools to help you enjoy a shorter BUT more productive “work” day
  • And LOTS more!

summer sanity savers for the work-at-home mom

Yes, the Summer Sanity Savers for Work-at-Home Moms is an eBook that will teach you:

  • Work-life balance that YOU define.
  • Systems that work for your lifestyle.
  • Tools that create a productive work-at-home environment and profitable business.
  • Techniques to do more without getting overwhelmed, exhausted or cranky.
  • Tips that make working from home a real joy during the summer holidays.

For ONLY $9, you will get EVERYTHING you need to savor the sweetness that summer can bring to your home, business and family. 

What Other Work-at-Home Moms Say About Summer Sanity Savers

“Summer Sanity Savers for the Work at Home Mom is full of practical, actionable advice to help you manage the demands of a blog or business while still embracing the joys of summer with your family. It’s a short read full of checklists and resources to make juggling your many hats easier and less stressful!” ~ Mandi Ehman, founder/editor, Life Your Way

“I just spent the past 30 minutes reading your ENTIRE eBook and jotting down notes. I am so excited to get organized this summer because I have been, very uncharacteristically, unorganized ever since starting the Zayth business venture and it is showing in all aspects of my life. You made me want to start right NOW organizing my summer to work efficiently and effectively in my home life and business. Now, if only you could just sit down with me over coffee in real life and help me through it. Thank you for such an amazing resource full of all things a work-at-home mama needs to stay sane this summer!” ~ Melissa Vandermeer,

“Prerna has put together a great resource for bloggers and other moms who work online. She has succeeded in communicating a heart for home and family and how to reconcile it with the entrepreneurial life.” ~ Jessica Fisher, Life as Mom

The refreshed 2015 edition includes:

  • EVERYTHING the earlier editions included PLUS, the following:
  • Additional worksheets to help you reflect on past summers and plan an intentional summer this year
  • Additional menu planning resources and updated menu planning help.
  • Lots more tech-free and yet easy-to-do ideas to keep kids of all ages engaged.
  • More biz planning help to make the summer saner and yet successful.

Easy-to-read and EASIER-to-implement, this eBook is designed for you, if:

  • You struggle with productivity when the kids are home from school.
  • You want to keep your kids engaged and happy but can’t afford summer camp or simply, don’t want to go that way.
  • Your diet takes a toss for the worse because you need to spend your time on your business and basic chores.
  • Your business suffers because you can’t dedicate as much time to it.
  • You want a home that’s peace-filled and positive and not chaotic and overwhelming during the summer… and beyond!!

Is that you? Ready to make your summer, saner, sweeter and simply successful?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. For just $9, your summer is all set to be infused with intention, inspiration and ideas!

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