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How This Mama Gets Her Mojo Back: 6 Things to Do When You Feel Stuck, Overwhelmed and Lost


Confession: The last month was tough.

I sort of drifted through it, routines fell by the wayside, and I felt that I was spinning my wheels and not really getting anywhere. As someone who thrives on goals and accomplishing stuff, it really isn’t a good feeling.

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4 Things I Do {and You Should Too!} for a Stress-free, Introvert-Friendly Holiday Season

Introvert Highly Sensitive Person Here’s how to enjoy a stress-free holiday season

One of the things som of you may not know about me is this: I’m an introvert, an ISFJ to be precise.

Not only that, I’m an introvert who’s also a highly sensitive person. {Read Elaine Aron’s eye opening book, The Highly Sensitive Person to know more about this}

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Decluttering Your Life: 6 Sneaky Ways Clutter Can Kill Joy and Contentment

Decluttering Your Life 6 Sneaky Ways Clutter Can Kill Joy and Contentment

This month we’ve been talking a lot about decluttering your life, one baby step at a time.

Whether it is reading Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, the life-changing magic of tidying up or dealing with stuff you’ve decluttered, we’ve talked about it all.

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Decluttering Your Life: 15 Ways to Deal with Stuff You’ve Decluttered

Decluttering Your Life and Dealing with the Stuff You Declutter

When decluttering your life, you have some tough questions that come up.

“What do you do with things, like sentimental items?”

“How do you NOT just throw things away?”

“Where do you give stuff that’s in good condition?”

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