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Quick and Easy Decluttering

This series of articles focuses on decluttering the home in 10 minutes or less. Spread over 3 parts, you can find easy, practical and tried tips on organizing toys, your workspace and other important areas of the home.

Decluttering in 10 Minutes: Get a drawer organized, declutter the spice rack, get your entrance spruced up and more. Each organizing and cleaning episode just takes 10 minutes, so take your pick!

Get Organized in 10 Minutes: Have a handbag that could do with some organizing? Need a refrigerator cleaned out? It all takes 10 minutes. Here are some more simple tips on how you can use 10 minutes to organize, sort and clean home.

Decluttering Kid’s Rooms and Spaces : Moms the world over know what a challenge it is to keep kiddie clutter under control. Here are easy ways to get toys and play areas organized and sorted in short 10-minute sessions.

Toddler Activities and Fun Stuff

Keeping a toddler busy and actively engaged is simple when you have a few ideas up your sleeve. These fun activities and tips will help you pass time when your preschooler wants more than just his toys and dolls. You’ll find plenty to choose from.

30 Fun Craft Sites to Keep Your Toddler and You Busy : Tons of arty-crafty fun for all those rainy days, too-hot or too-cold days or for whenever you want to!

Holiday Activities: Make the holidays more meaningful and fun with these simple activities. Bake, craft or take a walk to savor the festive air and teach your little one about holiday traditions.

Summer Time Activities: How to make the most of the summer sun and chill out with your toddler. Best part? These are free and total fun!

Road Trip and Car Ride Activities: Need help keeping a toddler happy in his car seat on a long road trip? Here are fun games and activities to pass the time easily.

Have Fun at the Movies: How to make a trip to the movie hall more enjoyable and less scary for your toddler.

Fun in the Dark: Suffer from regular power outages? Here’s how to keep a toddler engaged when the lights go off.. for long!

Make Chores a Fun Activity: Need help with putting out the laundry? Rope in your toddler. Simple ways to turn chores into toddler activities.

Story Time Special: How and why a bedtime story can be a calming ritual for your active and energetic toddler.

Simple Toddler Activities: A look at some everyday activities that my toddler and I do to play, learn and have fun together.

Toddlers 101

Looking for answers to potty training, feeding picky eaters, gearing up for playschool and more? Find them all here in these series.

Potty Training 101 – In this 4-post series, you can find lots of help on potty training readiness, tips that work, how to keep up toilet training on the go and resources to make this important milestone easier and happier.

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