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9 Time Management Secrets Every Mom Blogger Should Know

Time Management Secrets to Supercharge Your Blogging Productivity

Do you struggle to blog consistently and effortlessly?

Do you read blog post after blog post and wonder… how do these mom bloggers do it all?

Do you feel guilty about all the housework that lies unattended while you stare at a laptop screen wondering what to write?

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How Did You Find The Time to Write Your Book?

I almost didn’t write a book. And the reason is that I convinced myself for a while that I simply didn’t have the time it would take because I was a mom of three small children.

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How I Wrote a Print Book in my ‘Free’ Time

How I Wrote a Print_morguefile

I support a family of five as a freelance writer, blogger, and manager of a writers’ community with more than 800 paying members. Yeah — I’m a little busy! And yet, somehow over the course of about nine months, I managed to squeeze a 220-page print business book for a traditional publisher into my schedule. How did I make it happen? Here are my tips:

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How to Deal with Rejection as a Writer and Blogger

How to Deal with Rejection

We’ve all been there and experienced it – being told that our article/writing/ blog post/ copy is just not good enough. But luckily (or maybe not!) plenty of more experienced writers than yours truly have dealt with how to accept rejection as a writer and move on.

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