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How I Wrote a Print Book in my ‘Free’ Time

How I Wrote a Print_morguefile

I support a family of five as a freelance writer, blogger, and manager of a writers’ community with more than 800 paying members. Yeah — I’m a little busy! And yet, somehow over the course of about nine months, I managed to squeeze a 220-page print business book for a traditional publisher into my schedule. How did I make it happen? Here are my tips:

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How to Deal with Rejection as a Writer and Blogger


We’ve all been there and experienced it – being told that our article/writing/ blog post/ copy is just not good enough. But luckily (or maybe not!) plenty of more experienced writers than yours truly have dealt with how to accept rejection as a writer and move on.

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Get More Readers: Get Rid of Blog Clutter

Declutter the Blog!

Continuing with our series for beginner bloggers and focusing on boosting readership and building a better blog, let’s look at cutting the clutter out of the blog design and creating a pleasant, easy-on-the-eye readership experience.

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Is Your Writing Too Complicated? 7 Simple Writing Tips and Techniques to Boost Readership and Interest


Complicated Writing?

Ever come across a passage that loses you right in the first sentence? Read a book that you just didn’t get even when you finished it? A blog post that rambles one without really going anywhere?

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