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{Holiday Gift Guide} 10 Great Green and Frugal Gifts for Writers and Bloggers

10 Great Green and Frugal Gifts for Writers and Bloggers

This is a blog written by a mom who writes, so there had to be a collection of gifts that you can give the writers and bloggers you know. Trust me, I’m sure you know someone who’d love to receive these. {hint, hint**laughing**}

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{Announcement} Getting Social with The Mom Writes

I am SO excited about this. This project has been in the works for a long time now and I’m delighted to see it actually take shape and form.

***drumroll** Announcing the official launch of Social Media Direct, social media and business blogging solutions for small businesses that want to rock it, in style.

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Wanna Write an eBook That Rocks? Learn How with Angela England {Review}


Have you ever bought an eBook only to feel that you’ve been oversold and under-delivered to? Yeah, I’ve been there quite often.

 So, it is natural that when you sit down to write your own eBook, you want it to be perfect, real value and an absolute rock star, right? But how do you do that?

a) You go by your gut feel and trust your instincts

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Become a Better Copywriter, Earn More Money and Learn the Tricks of the Trade with the AWAI Accelerated Program for 6-Figure Copywriting {Review}

A Course for Writing Copy

Wishes do come true. Here’s why.

When I read The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman, I learnt about the AWAI  or American Writers and Artists Inc., and the amazing copywriting courses that they offer. I really wanted to take the course but kept putting it off for when I’d have that extra bit of cash and time. However, I always knew that I wanted to do the 6-Figure Copywriting course. So. Imagine. My. Amazement. On being offered a review opportunity for the exact same course without even, pitching for it. I mean, I never thought I could pitch AWAI to begin with.

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