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How Writing for Suite 101 Makes Me Money: A Guest Post on About Freelance Writing

Two writing-related posts in a row, I know! But I had to share this with all of you. I’ve always written about how Suite 101 was the first site I started writing for and how I’ve immensely enjoyed being a part of the writer’s community there.

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Residual Income Writing: How to Reduce Writing Time by 50%

reduce writing time

{UPDATE} I, no longer, write for any residual or revenue sharing site. However, these tips are helpful enough to reduce writing time for any type of website. 

Recently, I’ve been working hard to ensure that the time I spend online is both productive and profitable. In contrast, earlier I would spend a lot of time reading, blog hopping, tweeting, Facebooking (is that a word) and what not. Only a small percentage of my time was spent actually writing. However, this does not mean that I’ve stopped networking, reading blogs and books online or tweeting. In fact, I do all of this while increasing my writing portfolio online as well.

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Why Writing for Suite101 Just Got Better

If you’ve been reading this blog for sometime, you’ll know that I started my web writing career with Suite 101, learnt the ropes there and am now the Buddhism/Taoism Feature Writer for the site. I love the site, always have and am sure always will.  Here’s why.

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Make Money Writing for Blissfully Domestic

Another Writing Site to Help Increase Adsense Earnings and Residual Income

Blissfully Domestic is a lovely site with a large and diverse range of articles, readers and writers. While I had signed up earlier, I hadn’t contributed anything simply because it was a non-paying site and I had so much on my plate that I didn’t have the time or inclination to contribute for free. Anyway, recently Angela England (Owner of Untrained Housewife and FW at Suite 101) became the new Editor-in-Chief and changed the site into a paying model. Now, contributors get to keep 99% of their Adsense revenue!

So, I recently started writing for the site in the Green Living section and I must say, it has been quite enjoyable.

How to Apply for Blissfully Domestic

Applying for BD is fairly simple. Here is the link to the guidelines and application. You do need to have an Adsense account in order to make money.

Benefits of Writing for Blissfully Domestic

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