It’s time to say Adieu!

Farewell for TMW

You know those decisions where you spend hours agonising over them..

Praying fervent prayers for guidance and clarity..

Feeling heartbroken yet strangely liberated when you do make them…

Well Mayank and I made one such decision…

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Don’t Do These 5 Things When Working from Home

Want to be More Productive Don’t Do These 5 Things When Working from Home

Working from home is undoubtedly one of the best things to have happened to me.

It is a lifestyle that suits my personality and my professional ambitions perfectly while allowing me to manage our home and raise our daughter just the way I envisioned.

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My Top 3 Surprising {Lesser Known} Ways to Boost Productivity

3 Little Known Productivity Secrets to Get More Done

I used to think I’ve tried every time management tip there is and honestly, I’m quite good {yep, brag moment!} with managing my days.

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How to Increase Productivity with Pen and Paper AKA My Experience Using the Bullet Journal Method

Increase Productivity with the Bullet Journal Method

It was a simple question in the Biz Bistro, “Has anyone used the bullet journal method to increase productivity” that got the buzz going.

Y’see, I’m all for being intentional with my time and using it as wisely as I can considering I need to allocate it for business, blogging, client projects, home management, family care, self-care. You get what I mean, right?

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