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How to Get Things Done this Year AKA My Personal Productivity Plan

summer sanity savers for the work-at-home mom

I’m a big fan of creating my own personal productivity plans by learning from others and then, adapting it to suit our life as entrepreneurs and parents. In fact, I’m passionate about helping others do the same and that’s why I wrote Productivity 2.0.

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3 Tips to Finding Unexpected Work Hours in Your Busy Day

3 Tips Unexpected Work Hours

This is a  post by columnist Martine de Luna

I’ve been working at home for around four years now. I can say that I’ve found my rhythm, concerning the “work-life juggle” that we WAHMs are so familiar with. It’s not been easy, but through time I’ve been able to —

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The #1 Unproductive Habit That Costs Online Biz Owners Loads of Time + Money (And 3 Ways to Fix It)

The #1 UNproductive Habit That You Have

It can get crazy at times, don’t you think?

I mean, it feels like there is just SO MUCH to do to run your business, spend time with the ones that matter the most to you and then – oh yeah – to actually have time for yourself and time for planning so that you have a purposeful and meaningful life.

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Choosing and Organizing a Work-at-Home Calendar for Increased Productivity

work-at-home calendar organization tips


I’ve now been working from home for over 6 years and while I’ve enjoyed every single bit of it, I’ve also learnt that in order for me to grow without sacrificing my own peace-of-mind and that of my family, it is absolutely vital that I stay organized.

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