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The 5 Simple Things I’m Doing {And YOU Can Too!!} to Nourish Life as a Mom and Business Owner

5 Simple Things to Nourish Life as a Mom and Business Owner

Early on in 2014, I’d shared that the word I’ll be using to guide my life and my business, this year would be ‘Nourish’.

We’re 6 months into 2014 and I though it would be nice to see how I’ve been doing and more importantly, what I’ve been doing.

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On Nourishing Our Mama Minds

learning new skills

One of the things I committed to doing this year is nourish my mind. When I arrived at “nourish” as my word of the year, I gave it a lot of thought and it tied in perfectly with everything that I wanted to accomplish and feel in 2014.

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Nourish: How I Will Be Feeding My Soul, Family, Home and Business with Goodness This Year

nourishment of the soul for moms
 “Nourish” is a very rich word because it has a kind of literal and metaphorical sense to it. We literally nourish ourselves with food. But we nourish our spirit, we nourish our culture, we nourish our community. You can feed yourself in many, many different ways. – Michael Pollan
Every year I choose a word to define and guide me through the moments, days weeks and months.  It help me see what to say “yes” to and what to decline with grace. Last year, it was Change. And change we did.  From the blog design to our business plans to the way we ate, there were a lot of changes.
This year, the word that leapt out at me and kept coming back to me was Nourish. 
The quote above pretty much sums up how I feel about the word. Nourish is not just about food or nourishing our bodies. Nourish is about feeding our souls, our relationships and our livelihood with wholesome goodness. 
Here’s how I will be nourishing the different sections of my life’s plate in 2014: 

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Preparing for the Healthiest Year Ever…Together!

You know, the last time I got an eBook Bundle was in May and I promised myself {and YOU} that I wouldn’t get another eBook and well, I almost didn’t. November being the fag end of the year, I was preparing my goals and readying myself for 2014. I like to get a headstart on goals so that I can start taking baby steps towards them before the actual year starts. That way, I am already committed and seeing results and well, we all know what happens when you see results. You stay the course.

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