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For All Those Times When Self-Doubt Strikes…

how to deal with self-doubt and trust yourself..

It happens.

You see another Mom being incredibly patient with her dawdling 5-year old, laughing and smiling, while you’re ready to tear your hair out.

You hear of a fellow blogger or business owner accomplishing a major milestone or lately, income goal while you’re barely scraping by.

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5 Ways to Nurture Your Soul



This is a post by expert columnist, Karina Ladet:

I understand that you are a busy mom and you are juggling so many things in your life. Maybe you are struggling to prioritize between all the shoulds and wants in your life, and being a mom other people depend on you too. I know what that can feel like and definitely get caught up in the frantic game of doing too.

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How to be a Patient Mom {Almost} Instantly

It was very quiet in her room. Almost too quiet.

And as any mom of a 5-year old will know, when it’s too quiet, it’s usually too bad too. {Excuse all the “toos”!}

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How to Live Quietly in a Noisy World

I love the early morning hours. The peace, quiet and serenity that fills the home is just amazing. It never ceases to surprise me and fill me with awe. However, as the day actually begins and progresses, it fills up with noise. Some of it meaningful but most of it, chatter. In my desire to live mindfully and be immersed in the present moment, I’ve tried to cut out the needless noise and absorb only that which is important. Living quietly in a noisy world is possible and it isn’t even all that difficult.

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