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Healing with God’s Earthly Gifts: Natural Remedies and Relief for Everything

healing with natural remedies

I’m a HUGE believer in trying natural remedies before going the allopathic route when either one of us is unwell.

Whether it is Stephanie’s onion cough syrup or Katie’s honey cinnamon mixture or using a little dab of asfaoetida and ghee for Manini’s constipation as a baby, I’ve done it all and do so regularly.

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Mothering the Mother: Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Self-Care Tips for Moms

 This is a gorgeous guest post by Cathy Cochrane

Eat this, don’t eat that.

Drink when you rise.

Take daily on an empty stomach.

Take after every meal.

Walk 10,000 steps.

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Preparing for the Healthiest Year Ever…Together!

You know, the last time I got an eBook Bundle was in May and I promised myself {and YOU} that I wouldn’t get another eBook and well, I almost didn’t. November being the fag end of the year, I was preparing my goals and readying myself for 2014. I like to get a headstart on goals so that I can start taking baby steps towards them before the actual year starts. That way, I am already committed and seeing results and well, we all know what happens when you see results. You stay the course.

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Fall is the NEW New Year: 6 Tips for a Successful Fall Detox + GIVEAWAY


This is a guest post by Lisa Consiglio Ryan.

“Fall is the NEW New Year,” according to Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. I totally agree!

I don’t know about you, but over the summer and even in the last few weeks, I’ve been inconsistent with eating healthy and exercising, and it’s getting difficult to jump back into regular routines.  It’s perfectly natural to feel bloated from all the indulgences (such as ice cream, BBQ, and frozen drinks).  I also had a tough time figuring out my new schedule when the kids went back to school plus all the new evening practices and activities to add to the mix.

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