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4 Things I Do {and You Should Too!} for a Stress-free, Introvert-Friendly Holiday Season

Introvert Highly Sensitive Person Here’s how to enjoy a stress-free holiday season

One of the things som of you may not know about me is this: I’m an introvert, an ISFJ to be precise.

Not only that, I’m an introvert who’s also a highly sensitive person. {Read Elaine Aron’s eye opening book, The Highly Sensitive Person to know more about this}

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Two Easy and Fun DIY Gift Ideas to Nourish Your Friendships and Your Skin

DIY Gift Ideas for Friends and Neighbours

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that while I’m all for spending money wisely, there’s only so much that I’ll go DIY for.

Baking from scratch- check.
Cooking from scratch-check.
DIY gifts- ummmmm…….

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February Inspiration to Simplify+Soul-ify

February… the month of love!

While we’re not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day at our home, I do want to take a minute and encourage you to… pause a while and think about not just living your life… going through the motions… following the routine BUT instead, loving your life more… the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, diaper changes, potty training, tantrum time, time outs and all!

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Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!!

Gratitude. Joy. Hope. Contentment. Excitement. Peace.


These bubble up inside of me and as I take a much-needed break, I hope that during a season that can get a bit lost in all the entertaining and shopping and travelling and decorating and baking.. you’ll take time out to reflect, breathe, give thanks and just laugh and love..a lot.

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