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I’m Having an Affair

smartphone productivity tips

… with my smartphone.

That’s right.

After I wrote my last post about committing to spending just 20 minutes on social media, I realized I had to talk to you about how I’ve been cheating on my family life by having a sneaky affair with my smartphone.

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Spring Clean Your Online Life: Social Media, Blog Reading, Digital Clutter{The Ultimate WAHM Spring Cleaning Challenge}

spring clean your online life

Did you have a lot of fun getting started with cleaning up your eating habits? If you’re just joining, head over here to check out all the challenges and start when you’re ready!

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The Android Home Manager: My Favorite Free Apps to Manage Home, Easily

I switched to an Android sometime last year and while I know, the world pretty much raves about the iPhone, I am quite in love with my Droid and have posted about how I use it to keep myself productive and organized.

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5 Ways Using the Internet On Your Mobile Can Help You Have More Fun This Summer

I still recall the day I got my first cellphone – a Motorola. It was huge. And heavy. And ugly. And honestly, it didn’t do much other than allow me to make and take calls and get messages.

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