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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Eating Out: 16 Ways to Save Money When Dining Out

save money when eating out

When Mayank and I were young -{er!} and were dating, eating out was fun and a must-do for pretty much every weekend. I used to stay in the YWCA and he was staying in bachelor’s accommodation, so the only way we could meet, after work,  was when we’d go out for a meal.

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I’m Having an Affair

smartphone productivity tips

… with my smartphone.

That’s right.

After I wrote my last post about committing to spending just 20 minutes on social media, I realized I had to talk to you about how I’ve been cheating on my family life by having a sneaky affair with my smartphone.

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Spring Clean Your Online Life: Social Media, Blog Reading, Digital Clutter{The Ultimate WAHM Spring Cleaning Challenge}

spring clean your online life

Did you have a lot of fun getting started with cleaning up your eating habits? If you’re just joining, head over here to check out all the challenges and start when you’re ready!

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Spring Cleaning Your Finances: Clean Up Your Money Act!

spring cleaning money

How have y’all been everyone? What business tools did YOU clean out earlier this week? Go ahead, share with me in the comments!

Okay, onto today’s challenge. Today, we have our in-house {literally!} finance expert, Mayank helping us clean up our money act! That’s right. The stuff you’ve been avoiding looking at all this while. He’s going to get you to pull out those files, call those banks, look through the paperwork, crunch the numbers and basically, get your money to work for YOU!

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