How to Organize a Successful Fundraiser

successful fundraising tips

This is a guest post by Christina Nimmers

Fundraisers are important to most organizations.  In many cases, these events are the only way that the group is able to provide opportunities to its members. Whether the fundraiser is for your child’s school, sports team, church group, non-profit, or other organization, the most successful fundraisers are those which have been thoughtfully planned!

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Why Spending More is a Part of Living Frugally

living frugally

As a family who sticks very closely to a budget and believes in getting the maximum bang for our buck, we’re surprisingly owners of brands and products that are considered “expensive” or “luxury”.

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Why I Will NOT Buy Another eBook This Year {And How You Can Too!}

Ultimate-HomemakingBundle_Large revised

Confession Time: I’m an eBook junkie. That’s right. I love loading up my Kindle and my Dropbox with eBooks across genres. Lately, it is homemaking, health and business. Clearly those areas are my focus areas for this quarter.

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8 Frugal Ways to Dress Like a Million Bucks on the Cheap { Or How We Save Money on Buying Clothes!}

save money on clothes shopping

Is it just me or does the cost of good clothes seem to just keep going up year after year? I guess it is the latter, right?

Although, we live on a budget, we, also, like to buy good {and often, branded} clothes and accessories but only as many as we can use regularly without stuffing our wardrobe with every latest fashion statement.However, with the spiralling costs of clothes, looking good on a budget doesn’t come easy. BUT, with some thought and planning, we’ve learnt how to dress smart on the cheap.

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