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Fun and Frugal Ways to Keep Kids Busy While You Work

Fun and Frugal ways to keep kids busy while you work

“Mom, I need to find my {insert name of random object}”

“Mama, what are you doing? I want to do this too”

“Mom, I’m getting bored. Can I watch television?”

I’ve heard all of these from my toddler, no less and especially when I’m just getting started with either working on my business or finishing household chores. Have you heard these from your kids too?

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Small Space Living: How to Cook a Gourmet Meal in Your Apartment Kitchen

Small Space Living
Think you can’t make a gourmet meal in your apartment kitchen?
Think again.
Rental properties may be smaller  {seriously, our rental apartment finishes even before it starts.. I find it cozy but yeah, it can get cramped!} and may not always have the most modern equipment, but with some planning and ingenuity it is possible to make very tasty and even complicated dishes in any kitchen.
Follow some of these tips for making your kitchen a gourmet chef’s dream, no matter how small it is.

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Free, Fun and Frugal Ways to Capture Memorable Moments This Summer

frugal ways to capture summer memories

Have you been having the best summer of your life?  Mine’s been pretty serene and streamlined. Yes, loving it!

Each year, I think it’s been quite awesome until the next year rolls around and I have to change my mind. **laughing**

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Do YOU Need the Ultimate Manual for Mindful and Natural Motherhood?



To answer the question above, “I do!”

We’ve all been there haven’t we? I know when I was a new mom with Manini, I really, deeply truly wished for someone to help me find answers, reassure me and tell me that it will get better. I read a LOT but I still craved a manual of sorts and there are days, when I still do, Oh, yes, they are!

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