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Two Easy and Fun DIY Gift Ideas to Nourish Your Friendships and Your Skin

DIY Gift Ideas for Friends and Neighbours

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know that while I’m all for spending money wisely, there’s only so much that I’ll go DIY for.

Baking from scratch- check.
Cooking from scratch-check.
DIY gifts- ummmmm…….

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My Personal List of Christmas Activities, Advent and Planning Resources for a Soul-ified, Stress-Free, Simpler Season

christmas activities resources for moms

If you’re anything like me, your intentions to have a simpler and stress-free holiday season are strong and good but life gets in the way and bam! one day you realize it’s Christmas and you didn’t really enjoy the run-up at all because you were too busy running.

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The Mom Writes’ Holiday Gift Guide 2013 is Here!!


Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I’m absolutely thrilled and delighted to share with you our 4th edition of The Mom Writes’ Holiday Gift Guide packed with some amazing small businesses that give you, a busy mama, great gift ideas for Christmas and pretty much the entire year.

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Eating Out: 16 Ways to Save Money When Dining Out

save money when eating out

When Mayank and I were young -{er!} and were dating, eating out was fun and a must-do for pretty much every weekend. I used to stay in the YWCA and he was staying in bachelor’s accommodation, so the only way we could meet, after work,  was when we’d go out for a meal.

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