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Brighten Up Your Home Office with Classy Glass Photos

home office decorating tipIf you know me, you know I’m a sucker for unusual photo prints. We have a pencil sketch-style photo of our family, a Gallery Glass print from Lifephoto and now, a gorgeous glass photo from the folks at Fracture.

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Love Me, Love My House: 14 Easy Ways to Love Your Home This Valentine’s Day

Working from home has a big advantage: you’re at home the whole day. Any guesses for what the disadvantage is to working from home? Yep, you’re at home the whole day. Which means, that you get to notice the clutter, the dust, the peeling off paint, the lack of space. Yes, you get to notice a LOT about your home.

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Festive Décor Inspiration: Decorating Tips and Ideas for the Holiday Season

Decorating Tips and Ideas for the Holiday Season 2

As we gear up to celebrate Diwali, here in India, I’ve been really busy trying to add a festive touch to our home without busting the bank . And as usual, I headed to my favorite source of inspiration – the Internet.

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Budget Decorating: How to Decorate the Home for the Holidays with What You Have

This year, am determined not to spend on more Christmas decorations. We’ll be getting a new tree. Ours is old and quite raggedy from all the moving we’ve had to do. But that’s it. Other than that, am aiming to decorate with what we already have. Here are some of my ideas as well as some that I’ve learnt from others from around the blogosphere.

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