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The Ultimate Closet Organization Ideas Guide: 22 Experts Share Their Best Tips

UntitledThe Ultimate Closet Organization Ideas Guide 22 Experts Share Their Best Tips

Closet organization ideas can be just as overwhelming as they can be clarifying.

The reason being that no two closets are the same.

Hey, Mayank and my closets are like chalk and cheese.;)

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Paper Clutter 101: Setting up a Command Central for Incoming Papers


In our first post in the paper clutter series, we talked about using automation to deal with existing paper clutter. Head here if you missed that.

This week, let’s look at setting up a command central for incoming paper so that you can tackle it right from the start:

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The 3-Step Guide to Using Automation to Reduce Paper Clutter

The 3-Step Guide to Using Automation to Reduce Paper Clutter
Paper clutter can be the bane of us mothers. Seriously! Even though I pride myself on a paperless office, there are SO many ways that paper finds its way into our home and leaves our mail organizer overflowing. **sigh**

In this brand-new series of decluttering posts, we’ll look at how to cut paper clutter from our lives in a simple, step-by-step manner with tools that are frugal and easy for everyone to use.

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Digital Clutter 101: Organize and Declutter Your Laptop in 3 Easy Steps


Umm.. What does your laptop or computer look like? Are your files and folders all named randomly or whatever “code” you think works for you? Trust me, I’ve been there more than once. However, clutter = less productivity and the same is true for your laptop.

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