It’s time to say Adieu!

Farewell for TMW

You know those decisions where you spend hours agonising over them..

Praying fervent prayers for guidance and clarity..

Feeling heartbroken yet strangely liberated when you do make them…

Well Mayank and I made one such decision…

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Go Global as a Work-at-Home Mom: How to Find Foreign Clients NOW!

go global as a work-at-home mom

Being work-at-home moms or mom entrepreneurs shouldn’t stop you from going global. That’s right. You can expand and grow internationally.

If you are looking for foreign clients or contacts, chances are you either:

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The Frugal WAHM and Holidays: 8 No-Cost Holiday Gifts For Kids

frugal work-at-home mom gifts for kids

Being a WAHM aka work-at-home mom is not easy. Being a frugal WAHM is even more challenging, especially with the holidays in full swings and stores overflowing with toys and games, literally, screaming, “Pick me!”. As we work as a family towards meeting our financial goals, I’m grateful to guest author Shelly from Awake Parent, who once again, shares her expertise as she lists 8 (eight!) super-fun and totally FREE gifts for the most special people in our lives – our kids. 

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Stylin’ Up: The 3-Step Guide to Finding Your Unique Style as a Mom

This is a guest post by Jill Marinelli, Style and Beauty Expert:

In my work as a personal stylist, I have found that the women who are happiest with their appearance are those who feel their wardrobe is a true reflection of who they are. As humans, we all want to be known, and our appearance is a way of communicating with others.

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