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Why Baking is SO Big for Our Family {Plus a Giveaway}

Why You Should Bake with Your Kids This Summer

It’s no secret.

I love to bake.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll often see me posting pics of what we’ve baked every week. Mostly sweet stuff because ahem, sweet tooth. Or you’ll see Manini licking batter bowls clean ;)

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Simple Summer Fun for the Kids: Technology-Free Resources and Ideas

summer fun

With summer in full swing here in India, I’ve had tons of fun keeping our little one busy with crafts, cooking, coloring and books. Our summer schedule is relatively fluid, simple and easygoing but we do have a schedule.

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Celebrating Father’s Day: Simple Ideas for Sweet Celebrations with Dad {Round Up}

This Sunday is Father’s Day and while we will be attending a birthday lunch for a friend’s one-year old, later Manini and I will be spending the day making her Papa feel super special. She’s already thrilled about what ‘present’ we’ll be getting him as well as the cake we’ll be baking for him.

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Father Daughter Time: Spendin’ a perfect Saturday Afternoon


We live in Gurgaon, which in the summer months (which, in turn, last about 6-7 months a year) can get searing hot and it’s only the advent of monsoon that brings some relief. Winter time, however, is our favourite season as a family.

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