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50 Books to Enjoy with Kids {Review}

 50 books to read with kids
One of the things that I intend doing as we simplify+soul-ify our lives at home and also nourish our minds as a family is to read more.
Manini is at this wonderful, wonderful age where she loves to read and read on her own. I just can’t tell you how proud this mama heart feels when it hears those almost 6-year old lips break up a word and pronounce it correctly and then, breaks into a delighted grin at having “done it!”
So, yes, encouraging her to read is definitely one of my must-dos. 
I’ve been curating a TON of age-appropriate as well as interest-appropriate books to get her on Pinterest but I also appreciate knowing how to expand that reading, learning and of course, nurturing.

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Stress-Free Parenting: Six Fun and Easy Ways to be More Patient with Your Toddler

Parenting can be stressful, especially when you have a preschooler underfoot, asserting her independence in everything. I’m thrilled to share Shelly from Awake Parent‘s post today that offers practical, actionable advice on boosting our own patience while encouraging independence in our toddlers. Here’s to stress-free parenting!

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Simple Summer Fun for the Kids: Technology-Free Resources and Ideas

summer fun

With summer in full swing here in India, I’ve had tons of fun keeping our little one busy with crafts, cooking, coloring and books. Our summer schedule is relatively fluid, simple and easygoing but we do have a schedule.

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Celebrating Father’s Day: Simple Ideas for Sweet Celebrations with Dad {Round Up}

This Sunday is Father’s Day and while we will be attending a birthday lunch for a friend’s one-year old, later Manini and I will be spending the day making her Papa feel super special. She’s already thrilled about what ‘present’ we’ll be getting him as well as the cake we’ll be baking for him.

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