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The Content Cookbook is COMING!! Are YOU Ready?

content_cookbook_cover 660px.jpg

Hahahah!! I had SO much fun writing this headline and visualizing a GIANT cookbook pounding down the street.

Well, to be honest, the headline IS right!

My latest baby, Content Cookbook is coming and while it isn’t “physically” a giant, it is a 90-page power-packed eWorkbook designed to help you create social content that engages, resonates and really reflects who you are and what your blog or small business stands for.

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The 5 Simple Things I’m Doing {And YOU Can Too!!} to Nourish Life as a Mom and Business Owner

5 Simple Things to Nourish Life as a Mom and Business Owner

Early on in 2014, I’d shared that the word I’ll be using to guide my life and my business, this year would be ‘Nourish’.

We’re 6 months into 2014 and I though it would be nice to see how I’ve been doing and more importantly, what I’ve been doing.

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Why I Want My Daughter to See Me Working from Home

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I am an early riser and the reason I wake up early is so that I can finish most of my work by the time Manini is awake.

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Starting Your Own Business? Learn to See Both Sides of the Fence


This is a post by expert columnist Cassie Lee.

Do you have a home based business? What are your reasons for wanting to go down this challenging path? After all, it is easier to work for someone else and receive a regular salary every month.

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