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Life Truths I Want My Daughter {And Other Moms} to Know

Life Truths I Want My Daughter And Other Moms to Know


As I celebrate my 35th {yes!!} birthday on the 23rd, I can’t help but get all misty-eyed and philosophical about life… Yeah, I know!!

Manini is 7 and there’s so much I want to tell her and I’m sure I will, too, as years pass us by… but today, I wanted to share a few things with y’all as well and somehow they also are the things I want to share with her, so digging into my 35 years of experience, here we go with some simple life truths:

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Mamas, In Case You Were Wondering…It’s ALL Work

Mamas In Case You Were Wondering1

I’d shared this on Facebook a while ago and had promised to delve into it in longer post.

These are thoughts that have been bubbling in my head for a while now, especially when I see the so-called “mommy wars” online.

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How Can We Change How We Feel by Changing Our Talk [PLUS 5 Unhealthy Words To Stop Using]

How Can We Change How We Feel by Changing Our Talk

Can we change how we feel as moms and home managers by simply watching our words? We tell our kids to “watch their words” often so, why shouldn’t we do the same?

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The Content Cookbook is COMING!! Are YOU Ready?

content_cookbook_cover 660px.jpg

Hahahah!! I had SO much fun writing this headline and visualizing a GIANT cookbook pounding down the street.

Well, to be honest, the headline IS right!

My latest baby, Content Cookbook is coming and while it isn’t “physically” a giant, it is a 90-page power-packed eWorkbook designed to help you create social content that engages, resonates and really reflects who you are and what your blog or small business stands for.

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