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Summer. Sweet summer. Or really? ;)

I don’t know about you but there was a time I used to dread the summer season. In fact, one summer I was so overwhelmed, I was crying tears of frustration at not being able to spend time with Manini, have a proper conversation with Mayank or do anything {and I mean, anything!} with my business and blog.

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47 No-Tech AND Free Summer Activities for Families to Chill With

free summer activities for the family
Free summer activities…music to this budget-conscious Mama’s ears.

With the summer break looming ahead, I have started to put together my Summer Sanity plan in action, because let’s face it… I will be working during the summer holidays and STILL want to be there for Manini and spend time with her doing fun things.

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How to Introduce Kids to Snail Mail: Why Our Daughter Writes Letters… Not Emails

How to Encourage Kids to Write Letters…the Old-Fashioned Way


Do you remember how exciting it used to be to wait for the mailman to bring around cards and letters during your birthday month?

Or how wonderful it used to feel when you’d get a letter from a friend you hadn’t heard from in a while, filling you in with all that’s going on with her life?

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My Homemaking and Motherhood Confessions…and How You Can Stop Feeling Lonely and Overwhelmed as a Home Manager

When Mayank and I got married in 2005, I was someone who’d never made a full meal ever.


10 years ago…

I had no idea about cleaning microwaves and refrigerators.
Laundry was a never-ending battle. The more I did, the more I had.
Cooking was alien and something I had to start getting used to.
I would use packaged foods, including basics, like tomato paste and ginger, garlic pastes without a thought.
I struggled with managing my time, since I was working full-time and trying to make this homemaking thing work as well.
I felt lonely, overwhelmed and would often wonder… if this marriage thing was all it was cut out to be. Sigh.

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