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My Homemaking and Motherhood Confessions…and How You Can Stop Feeling Lonely and Overwhelmed as a Home Manager

When Mayank and I got married in 2005, I was someone who’d never made a full meal ever.


10 years ago…

I had no idea about cleaning microwaves and refrigerators.
Laundry was a never-ending battle. The more I did, the more I had.
Cooking was alien and something I had to start getting used to.
I would use packaged foods, including basics, like tomato paste and ginger, garlic pastes without a thought.
I struggled with managing my time, since I was working full-time and trying to make this homemaking thing work as well.
I felt lonely, overwhelmed and would often wonder… if this marriage thing was all it was cut out to be. Sigh.

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On Making a Comeback… and Celebrating by Sharing

Comebacks and community

So, early this year I’d sent out a heartfelt, love-filled note to everyone who’s part of my little email community sharing how I’ll be stepping away from this online home to walk my talk about leading a life that’s balanced, intentional and inspiring for myself and others.

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Thank You.

thank you gift

I’ve said this before… and I’ll say it again.

Thank you.

Thank you for being here for me.

Thank you for reading what I share.

Thank you for giving me grace.

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As someone who’s worked from home for the last 6 years and spent 4 of those years working as a content and community manager for amazing entrepreneurs and small business owners, like you, one of the things I constantly come across is

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