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On Living Life Through This Blog

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“Blogging and writing shouldn’t be an end in itself. It should spur us on to keep on living, to get out there and live life. And from that life, our best writing flows.”- Tsh Oxenreider.

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Spring Fling: April Awesomeness Ahead… for Bloggers and Business Owners

Spring Fling

It’s Spring and I’m feeling wonderful! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing… you get the picture, right?:)

SO, to celebrate the awesomeness that is Spring AND a HUGE milestone in our business..We completed 3 years on a REAL high!! I have all sorts of crazy awesomeness in store…

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How to “Spring” into Action and Get Organized at Home and Work in ONE Go!!

I’d promised all of you that NOURISH is what I will be focusing on in 2014. Everything that we’ll be doing on the site will be aimed to help feed our minds, bodies and souls with wholesome goodness and with that in mind, I’m proud to share my very FIRST eBook Bundle sale of 2014! Packed with 23 amazing eBooks to help YOU get organized and inspire you to spring clean your home, schedule and home based business!

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Fun and Frugal Ways to Keep Kids Busy While You Work

Fun and Frugal ways to keep kids busy while you work

“Mom, I need to find my {insert name of random object}”

“Mama, what are you doing? I want to do this too”

“Mom, I’m getting bored. Can I watch television?”

I’ve heard all of these from my toddler, no less and especially when I’m just getting started with either working on my business or finishing household chores. Have you heard these from your kids too?

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