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For All Those Times When Self-Doubt Strikes…

how to deal with self-doubt and trust yourself..

It happens.

You see another Mom being incredibly patient with her dawdling 5-year old, laughing and smiling, while you’re ready to tear your hair out.

You hear of a fellow blogger or business owner accomplishing a major milestone or lately, income goal while you’re barely scraping by.

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How This Mama Gets Her Mojo Back: 6 Things to Do When You Feel Stuck, Overwhelmed and Lost


Confession: The last month was tough.

I sort of drifted through it, routines fell by the wayside, and I felt that I was spinning my wheels and not really getting anywhere. As someone who thrives on goals and accomplishing stuff, it really isn’t a good feeling.

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4 Things I Do {and You Should Too!} for a Stress-free, Introvert-Friendly Holiday Season

Introvert Highly Sensitive Person Here’s how to enjoy a stress-free holiday season

One of the things som of you may not know about me is this: I’m an introvert, an ISFJ to be precise.

Not only that, I’m an introvert who’s also a highly sensitive person. {Read Elaine Aron’s eye opening book, The Highly Sensitive Person to know more about this}

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Decluttering Your Life: 6 Sneaky Ways Clutter Can Kill Joy and Contentment

Decluttering Your Life 6 Sneaky Ways Clutter Can Kill Joy and Contentment

This month we’ve been talking a lot about decluttering your life, one baby step at a time.

Whether it is reading Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, the life-changing magic of tidying up or dealing with stuff you’ve decluttered, we’ve talked about it all.

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