It’s time to say Adieu!

Farewell for TMW

You know those decisions where you spend hours agonising over them..

Praying fervent prayers for guidance and clarity..

Feeling heartbroken yet strangely liberated when you do make them…

Well Mayank and I made one such decision…

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Learning to Start, Sustain and Succeed at a Home Business with Money Making Mom {Book Review}

Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine

Rarely do I come across well-written books on starting and succeeding at managing home business for moms. In fact, one of the reasons I wrote How to be a Work-at-Home Mom was because I felt that if I had something like it when starting out, I’d have made way less mistakes and taken fewer detours 😉

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Because… Building Your Home Business Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Deal of the Year

I get it.

As a mom who’s building a home business while raising her family, I totally get it.

It’s tough.

It’s exhausting.

It’s constant evaluating… should I or shouldn’t I?

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For All Those Times When Self-Doubt Strikes…

how to deal with self-doubt and trust yourself..

It happens.

You see another Mom being incredibly patient with her dawdling 5-year old, laughing and smiling, while you’re ready to tear your hair out.

You hear of a fellow blogger or business owner accomplishing a major milestone or lately, income goal while you’re barely scraping by.

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