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Life Truths I Want My Daughter {And Other Moms} to Know

Life Truths I Want My Daughter And Other Moms to Know


As I celebrate my 35th {yes!!} birthday on the 23rd, I can’t help but get all misty-eyed and philosophical about life… Yeah, I know!!

Manini is 7 and there’s so much I want to tell her and I’m sure I will, too, as years pass us by… but today, I wanted to share a few things with y’all as well and somehow they also are the things I want to share with her, so digging into my 35 years of experience, here we go with some simple life truths:

It’s okay. It really is. No matter how bad, it seems, it’s okay. Why? Because you have faith, God,your body and brain, and your own unique gifts, on your side.

It more often than not turns out to be okay. And when it doesn’t, you find the strength in yourself to pick yourself up and make it okay.

Life is more about connecting, communicating and creating memories. Try to do one of these at least everyday.

Judging others is easy. Walking in their shoes is tougher. Try that first. Everyone has a story. Listen to it or think about it before judging them.

Tuning in…
Switching off…
Seeking peace…
Finding balance…

They’re an ongoing part of your life. Don’t get stressed if you aren’t able to do them right now. Maybe a little later.

love yourself

Embrace life’s seasons instead of struggling against them and you’ll find things flow a lot smoother.

Be strong but not inconsiderate.
Be smart but not brash.
Be loving but don’t get walked over.
Be compassionate but not gullible.

Differences are okay. Disrespect is not.

Make friends. Sleep enough. Work at what you love. Smile a lot. Laugh more often. They’re the best remedies for a day that’s dull or a life that seems difficult.

Your mind is powerful. Use it wisely.

Let your thoughts, words and deeds reflect the kind, loving, gentle, intelligent, strong person you are.

Someone will always love you and believe in you. Love them back.

I love you. Always and forever.


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  1. This is beautiful, Prerna.

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