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The Content Cookbook is COMING!! Are YOU Ready?

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Hahahah!! I had SO much fun writing this headline and visualizing a GIANT cookbook pounding down the street.

Well, to be honest, the headline IS right!

My latest baby, Content Cookbook is coming and while it isn’t “physically” a giant, it is a 90-page power-packed eWorkbook designed to help you create social content that engages, resonates and really reflects who you are and what your blog or small business stands for.

Creating Content and Cooking

Y’see, Mayank and I are firm believers that content creation and community management are a LOT like, cooking and crafting a dish from a recipe that’ll be tweaked, tested, tweaked again. You need to have some basic ingredients right and then, season it and cook it well, according to your tastes and preferences.

Well, community building is no different. You need to have some great ingredients right and ready and then, mix them up well so that they create a flavor that totally reflects who you are and what you stand for, while delighting your audience.

Content Cookbook is your recipe to do JUST that.

Social Content That’s Seasoned Perfectly

Let’s be honest, social media can get overwhelming. Even for someone like me, who is TOTALLY in loooove with it, I sometimes, get exhausted by the sheer number of pins, posts, tweets, Instagrams and oh, G+ posts.

So, for a blogger or business owner, who doesn’t really enjoy it much or know what to share or talk about, I can imagine how tough it can be.

Now imagine, you get to know exactly what you need to say and how to say it and all you need to do is to keep tweaking your recipe, every now and then.

Imagine how wonderful it would feel not to have to wonder, “Gosh, what do I talk about?”

Experience the freedom you’ll have when you wouldn’t have to struggle with regular and consistent posting because you’ll have your social content all mapped out wonderfully. Even, when you’ll do it on the fly, it wouldn’t irritate or overwhelm you because you’ll know exactly what to say.

Feel how awesome it would be to be able to share your posts, products and services without feeling pushy or like, the salesman who just called you trying to sell you a Windows when you’re clearly a Mac person.

Think about the joy you’ll feel when you have THOUSANDS of people enjoying every word you say because it resonates with them AND with YOU!!

Now take all the awesome feelings, joy, freedom of time, confidence and package it together, and you have what you get when you go through Content Cookbook.

stephanie testimonial content cookbook

Content Cookbook testimonial

What’s in the Cookbook

Content Cookbook is a 90-page eWorkbook, with fillable fields, printable sheets and ready-to-use templates as well as plenty of examples for you to actually see everything in action.


Here’s what you get:

  •  A 90-page workbook/eCourse that’ll show you EXACTLY how to create updates that resonate with your audience.
  • 30 ready to use blog topics, easily adaptable to any niche.
  • 35-ready-to-use, fillable/printable social media updates that cover a range of topics- product/service sharing updates, tooting your own horn updates, engagement updates and more!!
  • 10 ready-to-use blank photo templates to share those gorgeous quotes you love.
  • A handy-dandy Picmonkey tutorial to help you create stunning images easily and in under 5 minutes.
  • Downloadable social media and blog editorial calendar templates {exactly the ones I use for all our clients!}
  • LOTS of examples for you to actually “see” what the final dish updates look like.
  • Bonus Recipes including low-tech tools I use, sizing guide for social media images, SEO guide and more!!
  • BIG BONUS: Membership and LIFETIME access to The Content Café, where you’ll get one-on-one access to me plus ALL the other content cookbook readers to brainstorm, discuss, learn, experiment and grow together!!

Content Cookbook testimonial

raine boyd testimonial

Let’s Celebrate with Cake

Soooo, since I am super-thrilled about this! I have to have a party and what’s a party without some cake, right? I mean, really! It can be gluten-free, vegan but it’s gotta be cake! Not flan!! {Get the joke, Friends, fans?}


Now, onto the FUUUUNNN!! Some of these gorgeously generous folks have come together to join me in celebrating Content Cookbook and are giving away great prizes for all of you who pre-order!!

Pre-ordering guarantees you an early delivery of the Cookbook AND a chance to WIN one of these!!!

Giveaway open WORLDWIDE. Winners announced on 11th July. Giveaway now CLOSED

Here’s what YOU can WIN!! There’s $812 worth of prizes up for grabs!!


Achieve_dreams_250x2501. Angela England’s Achieve Your Publishing Dreams eCourse {value $347}- Angela was my first ever mentor and she’s BRILLIANT at teaching others on how to leverage their wisdom and turn it into a business. This eCourse will help you realize your self-publishing dreams productively and most importantly, profitably!!




VMDIY-promo-flat2. Karen Gunton’s Visual Marketing DIY workshop {value $199}-Karen is my go-to design genius and is someone I have had the pleasure of working with a LOT. She’s the real deal when it comes to visual marketing and REALLY walks the talk!! This all-access pass to Visual Marketing School will give you EVERYTHING you need to create a rock solid visual marketing strategy




win autoresponders3.Social Media Direct’s Awesome Autoresponders {Value $199}- Autoresponders are integral to your content marketing strategy and will help you not only engage with your blog or business audience and community but also, stay in touch easily and automatically!! You can WIN a package of 4, custom-created autoresponders for your small business, done-for you, by yours truly!!



Lime Tree Fruits Planners4. Raine Boyd’s 2014 Planners {value $50}- Gorgeously illustrated printable planners and calendars designed to help you get organized, productive and that, too, with a pretty touch too!!






5. Mandi Ehman’s From Idea to eBook {value $17} : An awesome info-packed eCourse designed to help you take your idea and shape it into an eBook that rocks!! Mandi’s the blogger behind the hugely successful Life Your Way, and the author of several bestselling eBooks, including How to Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!




Ready? Click here to get ALL the details and pre-order your copy NOW!!


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