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The 5 Simple Things I’m Doing {And YOU Can Too!!} to Nourish Life as a Mom and Business Owner

5 Simple Things to Nourish Life as a Mom and Business Owner

Early on in 2014, I’d shared that the word I’ll be using to guide my life and my business, this year would be ‘Nourish’.

We’re 6 months into 2014 and I though it would be nice to see how I’ve been doing and more importantly, what I’ve been doing.

So, here goes:

1. Starting Yoga Again

I used to do yoga regularly before Manini was born and really enjoyed the difference it made to the way I felt and also, my concentration, focus and mindset. However, joining a yoga class wasn’t happening because of my weird {to me!} work and home schedule.

So, I was super-thrilled to find a personal yoga trainer who comes home {YES!!} thrice a week for 60-minute yoga and breathing classes. It IS the BEST ever.

It’s been only 2 months but I am already feeling a LOT better and an added benefit is, it’s helping with my weight loss journey as well!

2. Getting Salon Stuff Done


Confession: I’m really, really lazy about salon things like, manicures, pedicures and facials. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them. I do! I love pretty nails and feet. It’s just that I tend to put everything else above it. You know, how it happens, right?

Any way, my awesome husband went and got me a pre-paid card for the salon and made me pencil in appointments for every month in my planner. Works like a charm!

I go semi-regularly still but it’s a HUGE improvement from not going ever! And I feel awesome. Yes, love, looks sometimes do matter! **smiling**

3. Making Time for Reading

Reading was one of the ways, I wanted to nourish my life and not just read for business but also, for pleasure and again, I’m relying on automation of sorts for this one.

The reason I wasn’t making time for reading was because it was too time-consuming to go to the store or get sucked into Amazon, so I’ve started a wishlist on Amazon and every month, just order a couple of books from there. The only rule is to have one fiction and one non-fiction.

books for moms

I still read a mix of Kindle books and “real” books and so far, have LOVED reading Sophie Kinsella, Malcolm Gladwell, Bernadette Jiwa and Jeffrey Archer!

4. Travelling to Unwind


One of the ways that we’ve really been able to recharge ourselves as a family and nourish our depleted stores of energy and enthusiasm is by taking short breaks every now and then.

Road trips, mainly, these short sojourns give us a chance to bond, catch up, reflect, plan, talk, introspect, observe, experience life together as a family. LOVE it.

5. Hiring More Help

Now, one of the reasons I couldn’t do these things was because I was swamped and short on time, so Mayank and I decided it was time to practice what we preach and hire more help!

Y’see, I can’t do it all. We can’t. No one can do it ALL. And more importantly, we shouldn’t.

So, I now have a lovely assistant who works 4 hours a day for me… does some much-needed admin work for me, like uploading posts {like this one} in my WP dashboard, creating images to go with them and working on my archived posts.

I’ve outsourced website tech development tasks to WpCurve.

I continue to hire out my graphic design work to amazing talented folks!

I’ve also scaled back on social media management clients choosing to work exclusively with a few select clients, and instead, am pouring my energy into creating products that will help other business owners create more engagement with their community. Basically, do what I do. Yeah!! Coming July 3rd!!!

And on the home front, I now have a cook!! YES!! A nice guy who comes in to make lunch and dinner. I still menu plan and I still cook on the weekends and on days when I have breathing room, but it is SUCH a relief to have someone take care of cooking us wholesome, homecooked goodness on days it’s crazy busy.

Doing all of this has made it possible for me to free up time to do the things listed here to nourish my soul and give me the strength I need to be a happy mama to Manini, a loving wife to Mayank, and a productive business owner.

Nourishing our selves doesn’t have to be complicated, complex or even, time-consuming,

Identify what would fill you up with contentment, joy and happiness.

See how you can make the time for it. You’d be surprised at how little time it would actually take. Can you hire someone to help free up a little time? Can you do away with certain tasks or activities?

Pencil it into your planner or calendar.

Do it!

How have YOU been nourishing your selves this year, so far? It’s never too late to start!!


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  1. Love, love, love this article and it’s so inspirational to see what you’ve added to your life to create more nourishment for yourself and family! I planned this year too, to slow down some and nourish myself more, but like all new habits it took me until June to actually start making these things stick. I used to not get dressed most days and stuck around in yoga pants (without doing yoga!) since I worked at home and found it so hard to juggle my three year old and AM routine that needed to get done. Even though looking better was so important to me, I still forced myself to take on everything and put looking good last (except on weekends or days I was going out). I recently had an anger attack over the situation and barked at my husband how I was responsible for everything and couldn’t get out of pjs, etc. daily before working. My husband goes, “I’ve been here the whole time. Why didn’t you just ask me to wrangle the 3 year old or load the dirty clothes?”. *Light bulb!* Working mothers have this tendency to try to play every role which is not possible. Now I wear something nice daily, do my hair and occasionally wear simple make up and my work productivity increased and my life and self feels so much better. I’ve nourished myself in a way that was needed, but most importantly I realized how enriched my life became in all areas when I learned to seek the help of others and made nourishment a priority 😉

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Alyssa!! Thank YOU..So glad the post resonated with you!! And woohoo!! for taking action and nourishing yourself!! You’re right.. we don’t have to do it all and when we’re nourished, our homes and families radiate too!!

  2. LOVE this Prerna – hope you don’t mind, I’ve linked to it on my FB page. All mums need to see this! xx

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