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How to Create a Home Filled with Faith…and Fun!

Create a Home Filled with Faith and Fun

One of my goals this year is to “nourish” our home and infuse it with not only things that are pretty and practical but also, with habits, routines, rituals that add peace and positivity.

When I think about how to create a home filled with faith and fun, it can seem quite challenging. I wondered if a faith-filled home would be too serious or dull. But then, I came across resources that I’m using to build our home to be centered around both God and a good, healthy sense of fun and enjoyment.

As we go through the rest of the year, I’ll be sharing my journey on how I’m trying to live a life that spurs me to write and create a home that’s nourished and wholesome.

As these shining lights showed me, creating a home that’s brimming over with faith and fun can be done. With ease and intention.

Here are my top picks to create a faith-filled home that brims over with fun too:

An Intentional Morning Routine

One of the first things I think that centers a home is the sense of routine. A routine gives you a calm sense of knowing what comes next and lets you breathe in the peace.

An intentional morning routine can create a day for you that will blend both faith and fun beautifully.

It doesn’t have to be perfect or cast in stone. In fact, the fun comes from the flexibility and flow, but knowing what you’ll be doing through the day helps to get things done and that makes this mama very happy.

My morning routine has evolved over the years as Manini has grown from being a wee baby to an active and intelligent 6-year old, but the elements on being intentional with it have remained.

It includes time to pray, review my to-do list and mark out what would be done when, and get dressed.

It always includes time for me to enjoy my preferred beverage of the season, a cuppa chai, coffee or smoothie, in peace and quiet.

It always includes time to knock off a fair amount of work early in the day.

So, it flows, it is flexible but it is filled with intention and a desire to use my time for both faith {in this case, prayer} and fun {in this case, getting dressed and drinking my coffee/tea/smoothie in peace… yes, it is FUN when you’re a mom!!}

Playing Music That Uplifts

Listening to and filling your ears with music that’s uplifting, positive and cheerful can not only strengthen your faith but also, be fun! We don’t have Spotify in India but friends of mine have created awesome music lists on it to keep them in touch with their faith and have some recreation as well during the day.

Menu Planning for Wholesome Meals

Menu planning for faith and fun? Yep. A family that eats well, stays well. Health and happiness go hand in hand, and when you’re healthy, it’s easier for you to strengthen your faith and enjoy life more.

Creating a menu plan doesn’t have to be difficult. In our home, Mayank and I sit down every Sunday evening for like 30 minutes, and chalk out our meals together. We plan for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Our only rules of the thumb are :
a) not repeat a dish from the earlier week to ensure variety.
b) keep meals as anti-inflammatory as possible. We’re big believers and followers of eating to balance the pH levels in our body so this is important for us.

While I love pretty menu planning printables as much as the next girl, sometimes, life gets in the way and we end up making the menu on a sheet of notepaper from Manini’s notebook. BUT. We. Make. It.

Trust me, it helps a LOT.

Here’s a look at last week’s menu. See, so-NOT-fancy notepaper, BUT it worked:

our everyday menu plan

Check out my free menu planning 101 series to get started.

Daily Prayer and Gratitude Time

My morning is spent in prayer but I’m also getting started with spending the evening in prayer at least before bedtime. Just mentally sending out thanks for everything that happened during the day and praying for courage, peace and compassion. Simple, easy and totally do-able.

Gratitude is another nourishing home habit that we’re trying to be more intentional with as a family. I’ve started using the Gratitude Journal iPhone app and it’s really nice as it makes sure that I’m counting my blessings, big and small.

From a family perspective, I’m considering a few ideas, including a gratitude jar which seems really practical and do-able and something that’ll have Manini excited as well.

Amish Values for Your Family by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Books are a BIG part of the habits I adopt, as a mom, woman, wife and home maker. I read Amish Values for Your Family ages ago as part of a book blog tour, but the book and its message stayed with me long after the tour was done and over.

I’ve started reading this book again to infuse our family life with the simplicity and sweetness of the Amish life without moving too far away from what life in a modern day city is like.

The book without being preachy, gives us a roadmap at the end of every chapter and it is my intention to implement at least 10 {to keep it real and do-able} of those to infuse more faith and fun into our lives at home.

Some of the things we’d be implementing from this book will be :

Not raising our voices in anger and instead, taking a deep breath, pausing and then, proceeding to say what we have to, calmly and politely. {from the chapter: Bill Coleman and a Quilt}

Weighing decisions and choices through the filters of faith, family and community. {from the chapter: Too Much Money}

Having a sense of humor when the day doesn’t go as planned. {from the chapter: The Mud Hole}

Whatever be your faith or belief system, I think this is a book that has a lot of value in teaching us the simple life with sweetness.

How to Build a Strong Christian Home by June Fuentes

I was again, honored to receive a review copy of June Fuentes’ Amazon-bestseller, How to Build a Strong Christian Home and found myself nodding, as I read her words, “Home should be a merry, spirited place of celebration where you can joke around, wrestle, play games, chase each other, go out together, travel, play instruments, sing together, relax together. Do not stifle children with a rigid and cold home environment and extinguish the joy from their hearts.”

June and her husband are first-generation Christians and this book is how they intend to leave to their kids a rich legacy.

But, as she writes, and I quote, “Home culture takes planning. It takes time. It takes thought. ”, it also includes plenty of planning tips for you and me to adopt. Yes, the eBook as the title indicates is strongly Christian in its focus, so if you’re not one, you may want to skip certain parts.

She shares how she and her husband are building a home that centers around Christ and gives you questions to think over at the end of every chapter. These questions for reflection are great tool to help you create your own faith-filled home.

I love how she’s shared what mealtimes at their table looks like and also, what their everyday routines look like. June has 8 kids, so she clearly knows a LOT about managing her time with intention and creating a home that’s filled with conversation, laughter and connection.

Some of her suggestions were a little too archaic {for lack of a better word} for me, especially since am a firm believer that moms can {and should} contribute to the family not just from a home manager’s role but also, as a business/work partner, which is what Mayank and I do at Social Media Direct. 

Having said that, there’s a lot that I took away from the eBook, including the simple tip on having a plan to have a purposeful conversation with our children.

You can get June’s book on Amazon here OR get it as part of the awesome Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that gives you $850 worth of eBooks and eCourses for $29.97!

What tips do YOU have to infuse more faith and fun into your home this year? Which one of these has resonated with you more than ever? See you in the comments.


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  1. Thank you for these helpful tips. I could relate so well. Have a fulfilling week!

  2. Hi,
    We’ve also been to shake up a few things at home too…a lot of them similar to yours. It’s been tough at times especially with cultivating habits and getting them to stick.
    Thanks for this post and the resources.

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