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On Nourishing Our Mama Minds

learning new skills

One of the things I committed to doing this year is nourish my mind. When I arrived at “nourish” as my word of the year, I gave it a lot of thought and it tied in perfectly with everything that I wanted to accomplish and feel in 2014.

Nourishing my mama mind was one of those things.

You see, when you’re managing a home, raising a family and running a business, you often tend to rely heavily on schedules, routines, the mundane and the everyday. There is NOTHING wrong with that. That’s what, in fact, keeps me sane most of the time.

But what relying heavily on the routine, scheduled events and the mundane do is that they leave our bright, inquiring, intelligent minds craving for something new, something intriguing, something that’ll challenge us and put us out of this “comfort” zone that we slip into.

This year, I intend to challenge myself and nourish my mind in a few simple ways. Yes, nourishing your mind doesn’t have to take up too much time, energy, money or effort.

Here are my “nourishers”:

 Read everyday. I’ve committed to reading 1 fiction book every month and 2 non-fiction books. Even if I read just 5-7 pages before I turn off the light at bedtime, I read. I’m also making it super simple for me to get “paper” books and not feel guilty at the expense by creating a wishlist on Mayank’s Amazon account! The Kindle ones I buy using my Amazon gift cards. Yes, I’m smart like that!

Learn a language. You don’t have to travel someplace in order to learn to speak their language. Research shows that learning a new language is a great way to keep the mind sharp and develop cultural sensitivity.

I came across Duolingo recently, thanks to Tsh’s post on Art of Simple and am hooked. It’s free, fun and super-easy to use and absorb. I will be brushing up my high school and Level II Alliance Francaise French. Duolingo, je t’aime!

Take up solving crossword puzzles…again. I love crosswords. Always have. Yet I bought this crossword puzzle book when Manini was a baby and 6 years down the line, I still haven’t finished it. Committing to crossing that off my list this year.

Meditate. Again a love that I gave up when life just got busier as it often does when business and baby both are growing. Meditation is great for calming the mind, sharpening your senses and just helping you feel centered. Great nourishment, I’d say! 10 minutes, every day. That’s my goal.

Learn a skill. I truly wanted to learn how to sew. Go ahead, laugh if you want to! But honestly, once you stop laughing share a resource or two to help this non-sewing mama learn how to hem this year. Learning a new skill, like learning a language, is great brain food.

 Ready to Nourish Your Mama Mind?

Here are a few more nourishers YOU may want to try for your mind:

  1. Photography: My friend, client and amazing mama mentor, Beryl Ayn Young offers these gorgeous virtual photography classes, Momtographie to help moms learn how to take stunning photos of their kids, families and lives, easily and effortlessly.
  2. Yoga: I took Jen Hoffman’s Desk Jockey yoga classes last year. Best thing ever. Easily incorporated into our busy schedules, keeps you fit and you learn more about your body and your mind as well.
  3. Business-y Skills: I highly recommend Karen Gunton’s Visual Marketing course for learning TONS about creating awesome images and insanely powerful content for your business. Want to learn to create and power up YOUR work-at-home business? Check out my 70-page guide filled with every, little thing you need to know for a business that is balanced and booming!
  4. Take a class on Skillshare: Finally, hit up Skillshare to find a class that may appeal to you. There are so many great classes being taught in every possible field by some seriously amazing teachers, including Seth Godin. You learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

nourishing the mind as a mom


How will YOU be nourishing YOUR mind this year, mama? Share with me in the comments.

Cheering you on,  



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  1. I love this!!! I just stumbled upon your website today and I am hooked now. I recently have started my own blog about home organization and just random stuff and I am still learning. I loved the ideas you have given for nourishing minds. I too have a love for reading and even though I keep a book by my bedside, I am not a regular in reading. But now I will make it a point to read even if it is only 2 pages a day. And new language, WOW!! I didnt know that there will be online classes for this. Thanks a lot for giving the online link for this. I definitely will be using it.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Welcome to my little online home, Sims!! Delighted you found content that resonated with you and I hope to see you around more often!! So, do keep dropping in!

      Good on you for keeping a specific goal of reading 2 pages a day! Before you know it, you’d have finished a whole book!! Go girl!!

  2. I’ve been planning to nourish my self and soul by devoting more time to read and write too… Also have plans to exercise regularly! It may sound clichéd, but my protruding tummy is causing me trouble big time, especially among relatives ;) :P
    Way to go gal!
    btw, you still continue to “prerna-fy” me :)
    Nita recently posted..Let Me Show You How I Made My Home Sweet Home! And How You Can Too…

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Nita! You crack me up with “prerna-fy”!! :) Ahhh.. Joining you on the exercise thing completely.. SO need to do that! Let’s nourish and nurture ourselves into a healthier self this year!!

  3. Love your word for the year, Prerna, and thanks for introducing me to Duolingo! I also have re-taken-up a previous love this year – logic problems. I’d finally finished all the ones I had laying around and found the logic problem magazines weren’t available locally any more. So I ordered a value pack online and now I’m set for life!

    As for reading daily, I always read in bed or I can’t go to sleep. I know it goes against all the ‘expert’ advice on getting a good night’s rest but it works for me. And I have a book suggestion for you. My hubby just published Impossible Beyond This Point, the inspiring true story of his family’s adventure creating the life in the wilderness that we’re all still living today (nearly 50 years later). Due to the 100+ photos, we haven’t yet gotten it formatted for Kindle but it’s available in paperback ( if you want to put it on your wishlist.

    Happy 2014!
    Crystal recently posted..Book Sales Happy Dance!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Logic problems sounds fascinating and… complex, Crystal!! I had you pegged for a crossword lover like myself! :) Totally with you with the reading in bed for good sleep! And… KUDOS to your husband on the book!! I am going to keep it for my next shipment.. I club orders so I can save on the international shipping..LOL!

  4. A timely post Prerna! The word I’m using this year is “reinvent” but I do have to remember to nourish myself by reading (currently parenting and design books) and creating (I’ve started scrapbooking!). I also think that staying in community with other women is just as important! I get nourished by their reflections, their creations, and their stories. I’ll be checking out your links for resources :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      I love your word, Liz! Reinvent… mmm… so meaningful!! And am glad to hear that you’re nourishing yourself in SO many ways!

  5. Lovely! Thanks, Prerna. :-)
    Well, I’m teaching myself to play the piano and I’ve started writing a spooky romance mystery. Ha! Ha! We’ll see how far I get. ;-)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Oohh.. teaching yourself to play the piano!! WOW, Elsje.. you’ve just blown me away!!

      • What I found out so far in this process of learning to play is that, if I think of nothing, clear my mind, not even try to concentrate on the piano keys, I get to play a piece I’ve practiced from beginning to end with no or hardly any mistakes. But, when I let even just one small little thought or worry or insecurity slip into my mind, I loose the plot and the whole piece gets interrupted and ruined. So, it is really nurturing in the sense that it helps clear the clutter in my mind, it helps me focus and it takes away some stress because it allows you to really “loose yourself” and all that might be worrying you for just a little moment in time. :-)

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