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Nourish: How I Will Be Feeding My Soul, Family, Home and Business with Goodness This Year

nourishment of the soul for moms
 “Nourish” is a very rich word because it has a kind of literal and metaphorical sense to it. We literally nourish ourselves with food. But we nourish our spirit, we nourish our culture, we nourish our community. You can feed yourself in many, many different ways. – Michael Pollan
Every year I choose a word to define and guide me through the moments, days weeks and months.  It help me see what to say “yes” to and what to decline with grace. Last year, it was Change. And change we did.  From the blog design to our business plans to the way we ate, there were a lot of changes.
This year, the word that leapt out at me and kept coming back to me was Nourish. 
The quote above pretty much sums up how I feel about the word. Nourish is not just about food or nourishing our bodies. Nourish is about feeding our souls, our relationships and our livelihood with wholesome goodness. 
Here’s how I will be nourishing the different sections of my life’s plate in 2014: 

Family and Relationships

I intend to nourish my family and relationships with extended family by:
  • Switching off regularly and spending more time just being with them. I have a smartphone addiction and while I can’t give up my smartphone because of the nature of our business, I can curb my addiction.
  • Doing more one-on-one things with my daughter. Manini is growing up so fast and I’d hate to look back and think of all the things we could’ve done but didn’t.
  •  I want to do at least 3 craft activities with Manini every month, especially because she enjoys it SO much.                  Nourishing her creativity and mine, plus spending some  one-on- one time too.
  • Being more attentive to Mayank and spending regular kid-free time with him.
  • We also intend to nourish our bodies as a family by continuing to watch what we eat and reach our “healthy” weight. We’re primarily vegetarian but we need to cut back on eating takeout or processed junk. So, yes, we’ll be planning our menus with a vengeance!
  • Staying in touch with extended family through a phone call, text message or visit. Am really bad at making phone  calls to check-in especially when seasons get awfully busy!


I will be nourishing my home by:
  • Going back to an evening pick up routine so that the house is reasonably tidy in the morning and doesn’t depress me.
  • Spreading my home management tasks – cleaning, organizing, maintaining,  through the week and weekend to make it easy for everyone.
  • Setting up a simple, pretty and practical workspace for Mayank and me so that we can finally move our work stuff out of the dining room.
  • Switch to more stainless steel and glass and also, identify areas to “green-ify” each month.
  • Applying the William Morris quote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Self and Soul

When I am nourished, I’m in a better position to nourish everything and everyone else, right?
  • Read more often. I read a LOT of non-fiction business books in 2013 but the thing is I also enjoy fiction and it gives my brain a chance to switch off. So, am committing to reading 1 fiction book each month along with my usual 2-3 non-fiction books. This month, it’s Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory.
  • Schedule time for grooming and self-care. Am really, really bad about mani-pedis or facials. But when I do get them, I enjoy them. A lot. So, this year, am scheduling in a monthly mani+pedi and facial at my favorite salon. Mayank’s made it super easy for me to do that by getting me a package there! Love him!
  • Walk. Everyday. I’ve started using the Nike run app to track my walk and it keeps me motivated to see how many miles I’m clocking. Yes, I’m driven like that! It gives me some quiet, me-time and some much needed exercise.


Our livelihood nourishes us and in turn must be nourished:
  • We’re blessed to be working with some amazing businesses and bloggers as their content and/or community managers. Nourishing their businesses by giving them the best in content and community management is our number one goal.
  • I’ll also be nourishing this blog and posting more frequently so that we can stay connected and in touch. Don’t forget to sign up via email so that I can send you the posts via email and also, share other fun stuff that you only tell folks you can email! ☺
  • Hiring another assistant to help manage the back-end administration for our businesses will help free up our time and give us the chance to support a fellow entrepreneur. I did get the ball rolling on this last year but then the holidays came along and it got pushed to the bottom of the to-do list pile, so now I’ll be crossing this one off  soon!
  • We’ll be breathing new life into my bestselling eBook, How to be a Work-at-Home Mom and also, wait for it… **drumroll** launching a “sequel” to it. 
  • Regularly scheduling time to set and review goals and most importantly, take action on them. It is easy to put your own businesses on the backburner when you’re managing a lot of client work so we really need to be intentional about this.
Curious as to what we do and who we work with? Click through to our business website!

Resources that I will be Using to Stay Nourished

I shared my productivity powerhouses with you earlier and I’ll be using a combination of all of them to create a planner that works for me!
I’ll also be digging into the eBooks and eCourses I’ve bought in 2013 and culling recipes and tips on healthy living, greening my home and nourishing my relationships.
What does 2014 look like for you? Do you set goals? Choose a word? Find a focus phrase or verse to guide you? Share with me in the comments.

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