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Get Organized for the Year with Colorful and Cute Printable Planners by Lime Tree Fruits {A Giveaway}

2014 printable planner giveaway
If you’ve been reading The Mom Writes for any length of time, you know that I thrive on planning, organizing and lists.
I have dabbled with electronic versions of to-do lists and schedulers but I find myself coming back to paper-and-pen versions. Yes, I am old-fashioned. However, the girly girl in me doesn’t want a plain vanilla planner. I like pretty, colourful and if it’s cute to boot, well, am just a happy camper or planner!
I’m in fullblown planner testing mode these days and can’t wait to share my reviews and results with you soonish, so stay tuned for that.
But today, am thrilled to share a giveaway of one of my planners of choice- Lime Tree Fruits Planners. Designed and created by the gorgeous Raine Boyd of Lime Tree Fruits, these planners are absolute eye candy and most importantly, are totally, utterly practical.
She’s packed in a punch with 150+pages for you to create with for YOUR planner. 
You can choose the layouts for months, weeks, days,  monthly recurrence and weekly recurrence sheets as well as some seriously awesome goodies, including  get this, a wall calendar, bookmarks, project management sheets and oh so much more!!
Check out the gorgeousness! Yes, I know.
pretty planner weekly pages
practical pretty planner pages
pretty organiser pages
beautiful planner pages
pretty planner for women
beautiful printable planner pages
gorgeous planners for women entrepreneurs
These pretty printable planners are available for preorder now but if you wanna get lucky, go ahead enter the giveaway and WIN this pretty planner package!
Raine generously offered ONE lucky The Mom Writes reader a chance to WIN her gorgeous planner for 2014. Sweet!
{If you’re reading this in your reader or email, you’ll need to click through to the blog to enter. }

a Rafflecopter giveaway


PSsst… Want more chances to WIN these lovelies? Hop over to Raine’s blog to see ALL the blogs participating and giving away these practical and pretty planners that will make great gifts too!


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  1. What a cute planner!! My greatest challenge is remembering to look at my planner. *sigh*

  2. Carla Hundley says:

    I need to get my craft room
    better organized. I only have
    a small room though, so it’s
    hard to come up with more
    Carla from Utah

  3. Angelique Huisman says:

    I love Raine’s planner.
    The watercolor makes it look playful but you still have enough space to write down your appointments.

  4. My greatest planning challenge is procrastination. I’ll do all the research and find all the cool systems and do all the work to implement the changes in my planner, but then before I know it, things have slipped at home. Behind on laundry, flat surfaces are disappearing, stuff like that. I feel like, “it’s not going anywhere, I’ll get to it” and I know I need to stop that! I’m working on setting routines now and using a system in my planner that enforces the routines. So far so good and I think Raine’s new pages would be a good tool for that! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Janice Croskey says:

    My greatest planning challenge is lack of motivation. My mood definitely plays a part in how well I execute my best laid plans. I hope to create better habits on that score for the new year :)

  6. Our greatest challenge is always the cooky schedules. Military. School. Soon it’ll be fire-fighter shifts….we haven’t had standard schedules in the house in years. lol

  7. My challenge is I know a routine would be beneficial to my life but I can’t seem to stop rebelling against this very idea.

  8. Claudia Lorena Naranjo Hernández says:

    My greatest challenge with this planner will be choosing which colored pen to use!! It’s lovely!

  9. My greatest challenges are not being a procrastinator and not writing on bits, not opening the mail right away, and pieces of paper that I leave everywhere.

  10. Lawanna Lampert says:

    I love the bright colored pages. They make me smile.

  11. Love these.

  12. Sanne van den Brink says:

    My greatest planning challenge is to keep my planner organised and beautiful.

  13. Ooooooooooo I am new to Filofax this year, and I absolutely LOVE these planner pages! Thank you!

  14. These are so cute. My biggest challenge is taking it with me in the morning. I often leave it laying on the counter after I’ve journaled in it the night before

  15. The greatest challenge I have is remembering to put my planner in my handbag when I leave the house so it is always ready for entries when I am at a meeting!

    I loce Raine’s use of color and space!

    Thanks for the opportunity

  16. Super cute! Would love to win it for the new year!

  17. Team Meadows says:

    I just need to stay on top of my planners so I don’t feel like am playing catch up!

  18. My challenge in the past, has been being consistent in using a planner. I have discovered that I not only want it to be functional but colorful as well then I am motivated to use it.

  19. I’ve just got introduced to the world of planners! They are so beautiful and isn’t it a beautiful and colourful way to bring in all the aspirations and goals I have by writing them down? I have always been the jot em down type of a person, these planners will be a refreshing change from the boring ruled diaries that I own. I’ll be able to bring in a beautiful and a colourful new year if I get to win this one Prerna! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Love always!

  20. My greatest planning challenge is remembering to sync my home planner with my personal. Usually, my personal is the one that gets written in first because it never leaves me. Ever. So it makes me wonder if I really need that big planner. But I love this stuff from Raine!

  21. Right now I have several different calendars I record things on…I need to consolidate!

  22. Lawanna Lampert says:

    Love this planner. The colors make me smile.

  23. My greatest planning challenge? Planning my entire day ahead and being prepared in the morning! No more procrastinating for me? 😉

  24. My greatest challenge is trying to stay organized in all areas home, kids, school and business. I have never been one to write things down, but with everything that must get done and with my tendency to procrastinate, I really want to get in the habit of prioritizing, writing it down, and getting it done!

  25. Laura George says:


  26. I love the looks of these planner pages! It makes planning look more fun! Thanks for the chance at winning! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  27. My biggest challenge with planning is allowing enough time to get all the littles out the door, haha.

  28. I need to find a planner style that I am comfortable with and use daily!

  29. Heidi Forward-Kraft says:

    I love this!!! Love the colors!!

  30. My biggest challenge is in starting the organization of a brand new project. The number of details to keep track of is overwhelming!

  31. My biggest challenge is actually doing ANY planning at all!

  32. Margaret Rootes says:

    Love the colors.

  33. Margaret Rootes says:

    Greatest challenge–sticking with the plan

  34. Iris Soscia says:

    so pretty – would love to win one

  35. I have a vintage personal size planner that I print my own pages for – this would really be a nice addition. It’s so bright and cheerful.

  36. Oh, I see that i didn’t answer the question. My biggest planning challenge is figuring out whether to keep all information in the personal size planner (good size for taking along, but a little small for all the information) or get another bigger one for all the household stuff in another bigger binder that I would only keep at home :)

  37. just loving it.. hope to win this giveaway..

  38. My biggest challenge would be not changing everything every time I see something I like – everything is so nice!

  39. I so want this planner, I really want this design

  40. Mariaelisa Concha says:

    Para el 2014 espero convertime en mamá por primera vez, sí Dios así lo quiere, y pasar las próximas Navidades con toda la familia en mi hogar.

  41. motivation!

  42. I love the planner and the pages. WOW! I use planners every year but i never decorated them before. So my challence is making them beautiful and usefull. I’m forgeting easily so i always need planners but this time, it’ll be pretty.
    And i reaaalllyy wanna win this giveaway bec i bought a Keny planner and the pages are grey :( even if i decorate them with tapes and stickers, its still not colorful bec of the grey parts and they really annoys me.
    I reaally hope i can win. *fingerscrossed*

  43. By the way my planner is A6 and i cant find any printables for that :( so i can only decorate and use happly if i win i planner like this.

  44. Love the designs on this planner

  45. teri tullous says:

    I need to get my craft room
    better organized.

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