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My Sneaky {Smart} Way to Boost Productivity and Get Things Done

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Have you ever had one of those days {or weeks!} when just nothing gets done?

Experienced an overflowing and overwhelming to-do list?

Felt as if your life was just spiraling out of control and you couldn’t keep pace?

I have. Many times.

As recent as the last few weeks when I just couldn’t keep pace with a lot of things. Don’t get me wrong, I was working and crossing off a lot of action items, but my productivity had slumped. Not a good thing when you’re blessed to be a community manager for industry leaders and have a 5-year old daughter to keep up with.

As someone who loves being focused and organized, my usual productivity slump-fixers weren’t doing the trick. So, I went really back to basics and tried something so simple, it really felt silly. But guess what, it worked! Wonderfully.

Dress for Success…And Productivity

I started to dress as if I’m going to “work in an office”. For those of you who’ve read my book on how to be a work-at-home mom, you know I stress getting dressed in the morning and resisting the temptation of working in your PJs, right? Well, guess what, somewhere along the line, when the busyness began to get busier still, I forgot about getting dressed, accessories and all, right in the morning.

So, when I realized that this was one thing I wasn’t doing. I changed. Literally. *laughing*

I started dressing up in the morning and voila, I was instantly in a “work it” frame of mind.

Style Adds Spice and Streamlines Your Day

You don’t have to look like a runway model to boost productivity but something as simple as wearing a smart outfit, paired with accessories and little bit of day make-up can make a LOT of difference to your productivity and how you get things done.

Simply put, you feel professional, in control and confident.

And that, my friends, is a BIG help when it comes to knocking things out of the park.

Take Action to Boost Productivity

Starting today, on 7 hangers, put together 7 outfits for the next 7 days. Place the accessories for each of those outfits alongside. Add shoes to match.

Every day, before you sit down to work, shower, take out your outfit for the day. Get dressed.

Apply a little makeup if you want to. I love a dab of lipstick and some eyeliner.

Now, get to work.

 Do you think dressing smartly helps your productivity and puts you in the right frame of mind? I’d love to hear your take on this in the comments, so let’s share.



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  1. I’ve heard that they did a study and figured out that there really is something to “dressing for success”. I’m trying to lose some baby weight right now, so I have a limited wardrobe, but I’ve been keeping my eye out for my go-to “mompreneur wardrobe”.

    I think I’ve figured out since I volley between working on creative stuff, and working on my site, that it’ll be well fitting jeans, the feminized work-shirt (I’m so glad they started doing work style shirts with princess seams), some cute flats, jewelery & and makeup/hair done. That way, I’m dressed/accessorized enough that I can do a quick Spreecast, or run an errand etc., and not have to change clothes, but it’s practical enough that I can still paint/stamp/mold clay/etc.

  2. I LOVE doing this! It’s always been a great way for me to boost my productivity. I actually find it really hard to make work related phone calls if I’m in my PJs!

  3. I don’t know if even have a “smart” outfit but getting dressed at all will definitely help. I have gotten into a bit of a slump thanks to getting sick, but I know two things I did when I was more productive was dressing in the morning, making a great breakfast and going for a swim.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Siri, you’ve got it right.. Getting dressed is key and eating healthy and exercising just amp up the productivity punch.. Hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Yes! I definitely get less done when I keep going in my PJs. :-)

  5. Such a great tip Prerna! and one I so often ignore, but yeah getting dressed in the morning even if not in office formals helps. I feel energized and get more done. :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Priya! Thanks:) Glad you liked it and yes, it is simple but SO effective!! Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. I have begun to believe in the dress for success bit. As a work from home mom, I never gave myself the liberty to look good! I was always in the PJ’s and shorts getting my work done. It has been a month that I have actually started dressing up even when I am at home. It makes a sea of difference. Not only do I feel good about myself, I also find myself being more productive at work!

  7. I am going to try this out and let you know..Loved reading the post :)

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