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Get Organized with a Back-to-School Organizer: Two Great Ways to Create One


In my last post, I’d shared an actionable 15-step day-by-day guide to get organized for back to school season. Today, let’s look at another of my trusty sanity savers: a school organizer. 

My school organizer is basically, a fancy term for a simple folder that holds calendars, lunch ideas and planners, contact information, and routines all in one nice, easy-to-access place.


How to Create a School Organizer for Yourself

I got the idea to create a school organizer, sometime last year, when I attempted to make a few printables for Manini’s lunch menu and her after school learning. Let it be known that my creative abilities to make more printables are sadly lacking.

SO, this year when I needed to put together a school organizer, I knew better to go to the experts rather than fumble around on my own.

Here are the 2 resources I used to create my back-to- school organizer.

The Confident Mom’s Back-to-School Survival Guide

back to school organizer

First, Susan of The Confident Mom kindly and generously sent me her absolutely awesome Back-to-School Survival Guide. I dug right in and chose the printable planner pages I needed. Susan’s guide is a must-have for any mom who wants to make school season as painless and positive as ever.

Not only is this 136-page eBook {80 pages of content+ tons of printables!!}  packed with printables to make getting organized for school super-easy, it is also packed with information that you need to review AND action before school starts.

Think, sorting out transportation or creating a routine before getting started or tackling homework and dealing with bullies {ugh!}. She not only gives you tips to help you get started, she also gives you action items that you can check off as you put things in place. LOVE it!

The oh-so- adorable printables include Student Planner, Master Family Planner, Routines, School Information Sheet, My Favorites Worksheet, Family Fun Worksheet and so many more!


Organizing Life as Mom by Jessica Fisher

The other resource I turned to was my trusty Organizing Life as Mom and printed out calendars, menu plans and my daily routine planner. In case you’re interested, Jessica’s planner is EVERYTHING you need in a home management notebook AND then some. I just picked a few pages out for the school organizer. Everything else is included in my home management binder aka my brain.  It has 198 pages to not only help you get organized but also stay that way all through the year.

The 2013-14 edition has 130 printable pages – calendars, routines, menu plans, contact details and SO much more. It is just. plain.awesome.


Ready to Make Your Own School Organizer

Both Susan and Jessica being the amazing mamas they are, are offering YOU these sanity savers at ridiculously low prices. Yes, am giving you NO excuse to NOT get organized.

 Get Susan’s Back-to-School Survival Guide 2013 for $8 {regular price $10} with the Coupon Code WRITE13

 Get $3 off Jessica’s Organizing Life as Mom with coupon code TIMEMOM

 Both codes are valid ONLY till 08/31/2013. So, go, get your copies right now and say ‘hello’ to an organized, sane and stress-free school year! Yes!

Cheering you on,


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  1. I laughed when I read your email saying you combined stuff together. I have one daily action planner sitting on my office desk for blogging from Life Your Way and the daily docket from The Simple Mom sitting in the kitchen.

    Since I’m kicking it up a notch this year with my blogging and writing, I need to kick up when it comes to staying on top of stuff at home. Looking forward to checking out these organizers.

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