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At-Home Office Organization Tips That Work


Get Organized for Working at Home

Get Organized for Working at Home

Working from home is often considered a luxury. Those who work in the office full-time, imagine working from home as a paradise – lean back, feet up, music playing, cold beverage in hand. When in reality, there couldn’t be more distractions. The kids are running around, the dog needs to be walked and fed, and you can’t seem to find the paper you need to fax over to your boss.

As a work-at-home mom, organization is your best friend.

In order to create a successful environment, try out these home office tips:

1. Remove all clutter – Place everything that is not work-related out of your work area. File all of your child’s field trip permission slips, physicals forms, and sports schedules neatly in the kitchen, but not in your home office. You will only be distracted by the irrelevant paperwork. Here are tips to help you tackle paper clutter. Clarify with your kids not to leave their toys in the work area.

The home office is a place for you to stay focused on your job, even if you are in the comfort of your own home. By removing all of the clutter, you are sure to have enough space to successfully achieve your work goals.

2. Shut the door – By shutting the door, you are giving yourself the little bit of privacy that you most likely need in order to get your work done. You will find yourself more inclined to go to the kitchen for a snack, or “take a break” to watch an afternoon rerun of The Big Bang Theory with the door wide open.

Being in an enclosed room will allow you to appreciate the silence.

3. Give everything a place – Designate specific spots for your office and work supplies.  Keep all pens, markers, stamps, paper clips, and flash drives in a neat bin on the edge of your desk.

By having everything you could possibly need in close proximity, you won’t have to scramble through the house for a Sharpie, and wind up doing the dishes. Retailers like Get Organized and Office Depot provide a wide selection of desktop and file organizers, so you can label and store all of your paperwork and notebooks in an orderly, even color-coded, fashion. Place a corkboard above your desk, so you can always see any reminders and a daily to-do list.

4. Decorate – A home office gives you the opportunity to decorate however you would like. If your desk is near a window, scatter plants and fresh flowers along the windowsill to set a bright vibe in the room. Develop your favorite photos of your family and friends and place a frame next to your computer and hang a few on the surrounding walls. It’s important to feel motivated in the work area, so cover the walls with inspirational prints and paintings. Additionally, hang a canvas with the image of a place you’ve always wanted to travel. It’s your home office, so you set the theme – have some fun with it!

Be happy and glad  that you get to spend time with your family during the day.

You have the ability to get everything done – getting the kids out the door and going above and beyond work-wise. While we know there are clothes to be folded, leave no excuses to be distracted by the additional household things that have to be done.

Get work out of the way and then move on with the rest of your day!

This is a guest post by Andrea Levinsuy. 





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  1. Love this–especially the part of what people DREAM it’s like to work out of one’s home, versus reality. I know because I had many of those dreams before going out on my own. Wake up call!

    Thanks for the article–I wonder if you have any tips (maybe covered in a future post) about combining a home office with another area of one’s home (a multi-functional room)? For some of us an entire room dedicated to just “office” isn’t possible. Any suggestions?

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