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15 Organization Tips for the BEST Back-to-School Start and Season

Organization Tips for Back-to-School Season
Pardon me if I’m interrupting your regular schedule of summer laziness and schedule-free days to talk about, yes, back-to-school season! But if you want to enjoy panic-free mornings or scream-free school drops, you’ll want to read on and take note of these 15 organization tips to help you have the best ever back-to-school start and season.

Start acting on them NOW, like today and by the end of August or start of school, you’ll have everything in place to make sure that school season is sorted, stress-free and surprisingly serene.

Ready? Grab a pen and paper and make notes or take a calendar, which has boxes for dates and jot down your to-dos for every day.

Day 1

Take stock of school supplies and make a list of everything that needs replenishing, replacing or bought fresh.

Scout online sites for deals or clip coupons to save big.

Mark your calendar for sales tax holiday weekend in you state to save even more.

Save more on back-to-school shopping with these money-saving tips.

Day 2

Go through the kids’ closets to check on uniforms or school clothes. Check for sizing, alterations, repairs and replacements.

Day 3

Create individual school binders or boxes for each child. Label them and add folders or dividers for school papers and projects.

Day 4

Sit down with your menu planner or binder,  and plan a months’ worth of school lunches. Rinse and repeat the next month.

Need inspiration? Kelly’s sharing some awesome back-to-school lunchbox ideas and snacks.

Day 5

Start waking 20 minutes earlier than usual. Too much? Start with 10. No? Start with 5. BUT start. Why? When school season starts, waking up earlier will give you a headstart on your day. You would have had a cuppa coffee and showered and dressed before you even wake the kids up. Nice, right? So, start.

Day 6

Start getting the kids to bed earlier. Or at least move a bit closer to their school night bedtimes.  Trust me, you’ll be much happier when they willingly doze off when school actually starts.

Day 7

Figure out school drop routes, bus routes or car pool schedules.  Know exactly when your kids have to be ready and at the door.

Day 8

Review and revise your weekly household cleaning routine for school days. Do you still have time to deep clean on Thursdays or will a child need more help with homework this year?

Make changes and start easing yourself into the new routine.  Need more help for keeping your home serene during school days? Here are some more tips for happy homes during school season.

Day 9

Identify and set up a school station for backpacks, jackets, hats and more to be unloaded when the kids come back home.

Make sure it’s easily accessible for even the youngest one.

Day 10

Sit down with the kids and go over their after-school activities. Jot all the days, dates and times down on the family calendar. Use different colored pens, if you have to or an online calendar that everyone can check on their phones or laptops. Find whatever system works for you but get everything noted down.

Day 11

Start creating school day routines and schedules for each kid. Who’ll wake up first and get ready before the others? Who’ll sit down with you for homework and school projects first? Who’ll be in charge of school runs every day?

These are important questions and knowing the answers will help you enjoy relatively streamlined days when school actually starts.

Day 12

Do a dry run of your routine. Wake everyone up. Get them dressed. Let them sit down and have breakfast Check if everything went well or if you need to speed things up a bit. Fixing your schedule and routine will ensure you are off to a smooth start on that crazy first day.

Day 13

Create an evening routine for school days. When will you start to clean up? Prep the lunches? Plan your work for the next day? How much time do you need before crashing into bed for all of this? Knowing the answer now will give you breathing space later.

Day 14

Check the school website and calendar to make note of holidays, parent-teacher meetings, class tests and other important details. Copy these into your school planner, calendar or online scheduling system.

Day 15

Sit back and relax.

School’s on! And YOU are all ready for it! Yes, my friend, let’s enter school season with a calm heart and happy soul.

 What organization tips do YOU have that help make start of school season a happy affair? Let’s talk about them in the comments.


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  1. Hey Prerna,

    GREAT tips! The only other one I might add to your list is my book, A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising, so that the parents can be prepared with volunteering and fundraising for their kids’ school! There are lots of ideas that have worked for parents all over the country — public and private schools! They can purchase the book on Amazon or through my site: Thanks!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Sarah! Great idea.. Yes, your book will definitely be a sanity saver for parents in the school year.. Thanks so much for sharing it:)

  2. Well written Prerna! It is really thoughtful and much needed exercise… getting back into routine is difficult.

  3. Hi, Prerna. Thanks so much for your kind shout-out about my Healthy Lunchbox Ideas! I appreciate you sharing this with your readers. And how fun to be able to discover your beautiful, helpful site! Many blessings to you, Kelly

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Kelly! Thanks SO much for stopping by and you’re most welcome for the mention.. LOVED your post:-) SO glad you like the site.. I look forward to staying in touch with you too:-) With gratitude, Prerna

  4. I like your blog! And these are great tips. One you have mentioned, but I want to try this year is menu planning. I homeschool, and I’m finding it makes life easier to have 5 easy meals planned for lunch during the week. (as opposed to Mom start cooking up a storm and getting hot and bothered when kids need help!)

  5. i am so happy i read this before school start. you cant imagine the relief am having right now. am going to obey tis tip .school seasons used to be a miserable period for me. so much that i nag and slim drastically and wish holiday would start tomoro . but av identified my flaws.i dont plan for school season. i wait for the inevitable stress i must bear for my lovely four.

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