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Why Spending More is a Part of Living Frugally

living frugally

As a family who sticks very closely to a budget and believes in getting the maximum bang for our buck, we’re surprisingly owners of brands and products that are considered “expensive” or “luxury”.

I realized this as I worked my way through an online business course I took last month and I had to identify brands that I loved and could relate to.

This realization begged the question, “Are we frugalists since we do spend more on certain products?” Happily, yes we are, and I’ll explain why.

 Being Frugal Means Choosing Quality over Quantity

Living a frugal life means not giving up on quality stuff. Rather it means choosing less of it. Think one bottle of Forest Essentials shampoo for all of us.  I love buying clothes from Marks and Spencer India which is considered luxury by many. But the fact that not only do the clothes last, like forever, I can easily mix-and-match and pair say, 2-3 tops with 1 pair of trousers. And by the way, I do own only 2 pairs of trousers and one pair of shorts, in case you’re interested. Not that you are. But still. I digress.

To come back to the point. The same is the case with footwear. We wear Clarks’, again considered high-end, but when you think of the money saved in buying a new pair, every few months or trips to the podiatrist, I think we’re pretty good.

And food, too. We buy organic and eco-friendly as far as possible. From grains to vegetables to cosmetics. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Totally!

 Choosing quality over quantity is what helps live on a budget and enjoy a “rich” life too.

 Being Frugal Means Making Smart Choices

 One of the ways that we are able to spend on expensive brands is by being smart shoppers. Keeping a watch for sales, noting down what we need and choosing items that can multi-task are just some of the ways we stick to our budget and “indulge” as well.  Mayank’s shared how we shop for clothes on a budget and I’ve shared how we eat out on the cheap, and that’s actually quite true for how we shop on the whole.

For instance, we need a new laptop for Mayank and while it will be only too easy to go out and buy another Macbook, we’re choosing to wait awhile, research, scout for sales and specials. It takes time. It means living with a less-than-perfect laptop {and that my friend, is no fun when your business is run from that machine!}. But in the end, the savings will be so worth the wait.

Living Frugally Means Doing More with Less

Finally, we do more with less. Less outfits, less gadgets, less toys. But the ones we own are the ones we use. We do more. With less.

Our home office is two laptops and one printer.

My shoes collection is a whopping 5 pairs – black, beige, maroon, white and sneakers. And don’t get me wrong, I love shoes as much as the next girl. It’s just a choice I’ve made.

So, my friends, living frugally for me does not equate compromising on quality or opting for products whose ingredients may harm my family. Living frugally for me means choosing wisely and simply, doing more with less.

What do YOU think frugal living is all about? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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  1. Hi Prerna
    I totally agree and wanted to share with you the questions I ask myself before I buy anything:
    Do I already own something that does the same job?
    Can I borrow it instead?
    Is this purchase simply fulfilling an emotional need?
    And if the answer to all three above is ‘no’, then I ask
    Do I love, love, love it?
    This strategy has helped me move from being an over-spender to living a more minimalist life-style where everything I own is either beautiful or useful. And I’m so happy that my four children are learning to follow this approach too. It helps us all fully appreciate what we have AND makes life much simpler!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Suzie! Love the questions you ask and they’re quite in line with the exercise we do as well and yes, it has helped SO much to buy what you need and when you need it rather than impulsively buying things. Very happy to hear your kids are following this too.. A fuller life, lived simply:-)

  2. I agree. Sometimes spending more at the grocery store is key to less eating out.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      That is true Raki. If you buy fresh produce, you’ll eat healthier and cheaper in the long run:-)

  3. This is so true. I like to invest in food that’s produced locally and sustainably, because I know it’ll be better for the family, better for the planet. We also only buy clothes that are from reliable, trusted brands that are known for their high quality fabrics. We also establish good relationships with the providers of these products, so we’re enriched in more ways than one (We’re not just consumers, we’re brand advocates.) So everything results in a more whole, intentional type of lifestyle. We know we’re not wasting our money on things that pass; we know we’re investing in things we totally believe in.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Martine, that is exactly what we do as well.. And while it may cost extra, it is frugal in the long run. Thanks for sharing your inputs.

  4. I so agree with this. We buy good quality food, but we work hard not to waste it. And we don’t over-eat! Our portions are ‘normal’ sized, not super-sized, and I’m sure we are all healthier for it. We buy organic or locally/naturally produced meat, and eat less of it, and eat more vegetables.

    My favourite way to save money on clothes is to buy in thrift stores. I love finding great quality items in there for great prices, and knowing that I’m reducing landfill by reusing something that might otherwise be thrown out, and that my money is going to support a charity. I’ve bought designer pieces in thrift stores for practically pennies!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Great tips, Liz!! Thanks so much for sharing.. and you’re right.. buy good quality food but don’t waste it because THAT then is waste of money and of course, food!

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