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How to Organize Medicines Painlessly in 15 Minutes or Less

organize your medicines easily

Last week, I thought I’d spend some time organizing the niggling areas of our home. You know, the ones you always mean to but never get around to.  Yeah, those.

Our medicine box {we don’t have a cabinet and I’ll tell you why later} kept all the pills and bottles corralled but it was a mess. Really, I wouldn’t have been able to find an aspirin in this.

organizing medicines

disorganized medicine box

Here is how I spent 15 minutes {I’m wondering too why I didn’t get to it sooner!} one lazy afternoon and organized the medicines box quickly and painlessly:

Discard the Expired Medications

Mayank and I started by sorting quickly through the meds and discarding the ones that were expired or for really specific conditions, that thankfully we no longer had. Mayank destroyed these no-longer-needed medications and we moved on.

Sort and Create a System

Next, I sorted through the remaining meds and organized them simply into:  medicines, first-aid, every days meds and creams.

I used a sewing supplies box, a bowl and a plastic kitchen container to store the meds.

The medicines and creams went into the sewing supplies box.


organized medicines


The everyday meds – vitamins and allergy medicine mainly, went in the top shelf of the sewing supplies box {featured on the right}.

The first plastic storage box became the first-aid container. The second one {on the left} became Manini’s medicine container.


organized kids medicines and first aid


You can create a system that works for you.

I would ideally have liked to organize medicines according to the condition they treated but that would take me longer than 15 minutes and also, take longer to maintain. But hey, if that works for you, do it!

Create a Know What’s What Checklist and Labels

I just labeled them with plain labels {yes, am clearly not artistic, thank you!}. One thing that I will be adding later after consulting with my mother-in-law who is a doctor is a “What-to-Use When –I-Feel” Checklist, so that I know what to take when my head threatens to burst with a pounding headache that an aspirin doesn’t cure.


So, storing medicines in medicine cabinets in the bathroom is apparently not safe because of the temperature and humidity in there. Most medicines have storage instructions that read, “Store in a cool and dry place” and a bathroom is really not that. So, we don’t store our medicines in the bathroom but on a closet shelf in my bedroom closet, high up and way out of reach of our daughter {and sometimes, even me!}.

15-Minutes Organizing is a brand-new series by The Mom Writes and will cover small but niggling areas of the home that could do with some streamlining.

What small areas of your home do YOU think need organizing?


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  1. Hi Prerna! This looks like something that I should do too. We have medicines from waaaay back…like five or six years ago, and I haven’t touched or looked at them at all. Just looking at my medicines box (we don’t have a cabinet too) brings headache. That’s how “organized” I am! Good for you that you’ve already sorted out your medicines. :)
    Ces recently posted..Bad Mom to Intentional Parent

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