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Who Needs Intention, Calm and Control in Their Life?

calm for the busy mom

I do.**raises hand**

I’m relatively balanced, organized and productive BUT there are days or weeks when everything, literally, every single thing spirals out of control. The laundry keeps piling up, I keep yelling and barking at my loved ones, my body feels terrible and I have a constant headache. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Is it a bad thing to feel out-of-control and overwhelmed? No!

Are you the only one feeling this way? Absolutely not!

I’d asked this question on my Facebook page recently and going by the number of likes and comments, you can see that you really aren’t the only one who wants more intention and calmness in your life.

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As I’d mentioned in one of my earlier posts this year, my focus for 2013 is about change.

Changing what doesn’t work, changing the way I react and changing my life as a mom, home manager, wife, entrepreneur and woman for the better.

Here are the 5 things I will be doing to find calm and infuse more joy, peace and centered-ness into my life starting today:

1. Ditch the White Flour and White Sugar

We know how white sugar and white flour can make us feel all bloated inside and cranky on the outside. I do. And yet I continue to include it in our family’s diet in some form or the other. Starting this month, I’m ditching ALL white flour and white sugar. Yes, that means I’m not even putting a teaspoon of the white stuff in my tea.

Since we’re on a largely plant-based diet in any case, ditching these two culprits should make me and my family feel much better.

2. Find and Stick to a Regular Workout Routine

Y’all know how much I need to lose the excess weight to get my overall health in shape {pun intended}, right? While I was committed to losing it many moons ago, life happened and that commitment waned and finally disappeared. Well, things left untouched don’t get better, do they?

Naturally, my weight and my inflammation conditions have increased and worsened so I have to act NOW {read yesterday!}.

I’ve signed up for virtual yoga classes since I used to do yoga regularly pre-baby and just need to get into the groove. I’ve also started going for 30-minute walks and now that as it gets insanely hot, I will consider the gym too.

3. Continue Creating a Home that Exudes Warmth

My home is my haven and with all the decluttering that we’ve been doing lately, it’s becoming a gorgeously uplifting place, perfect for the creative work that we do. I want to keep working on this and not slip into letting clutter accumulate or laundry pile up.

4. Nurture My Creativity

As moms who don many hats, we often forget donning the creative hat. Life is all about routines, schedules, to-do lists, to-go lists and meetings, deadlines, appointments. For me to be more intentional and peaceful, I will be unplugging from technology at least one day of the week, if not more and doing free creative writing, singing {ahem!} and even take up a new hobby, if I’m feeling particularly brave.

5. Spend More Creative Time with Manini

Finally, as much as my Mama heart wants, I’m not able to spend a lot of time with Manini on crafting and creative activities. Since she really enjoys these, it is my goal to carve out more time for this and scale back where I can so that my little girl and I can make more of these funny Fukuwarai faces.

However, like all good things, this life process needs a plan. A roadmap and a guide to gently bring me back on track and inspire me when things snowball or when I hit a bump. My action plan  and guide will be diving into one of the gorgeous, colorful, inspired kits by my friend and mentor, Leonie Dawson. In case, you’re interested, she has some A-MAZING kits to help you find and nurture your creativity, help you create with kids, increase your energy and heal your body, and create a haven that is joyful and a sanctuary for everyone.

Oh, and I will be using her business programs along with my learning from the course I just finished to really grow my business productively and profitably.

 Yes, this year is not just about change but also about learning and growing. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Are you ready to find calm for yourself and infuse your life with the positive energy and the joy it so deserves? What action will YOU take?



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  1. I definitely agree with #1. Do it and the rest will surely follow… 😉

  2. I am definitely going to try no.1! What did I try? I stopped coming online and stayed away from everything that is not children and me. :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Aysh! That is a great thing to do.. I would have joined you in not coming online but can’t since it IS my business as well:-) All the best with ditching the white flour and sugar! YAY!

  3. Great post, Prena! I love all the tips, especially the first 3.

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