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How I Start My Work-at-Home Day {Or 4 Steps to Make Early Mornings Count!}

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Truer words were never spoken, especially in the life of a work-at-home mom entrepreneur. I am a beginner every single morning. Seriously.

On that note, today I thought I’d share how I start my work-at-home day. I’m an early riser, but regardless of what time one starts, following a few basics can help set the pace of the day on the right foot.

So, here’s a peek at what my morning as a mom and entrepreneur looks like:

Step 1 to making your mornings count: Get dressed right off the bat.

4:30 A.M: The crack of dawn.

The alarm goes off. I sleepily yet quickly turn it off for fear of it waking up my daughter, snuggled up right next to me. Yes, we co-sleep. **smiling**

Stretching, I get out of bed and head into the bathroom to shower, brush and dress.

Step 2: Carve in some me-time.

 05:00 A.M: Time for Me and My Mind

Showered and dressed, I head to the kitchen, squeeze half a lime into a glass of water, gulp it down and sit down to meditate and do a session of yoga. I’ve enrolled for at-home yoga classes for desk jockeys like me by Every Breath I Take and am loving it. Here are some more “me-time” ideas.

Step 3: Set your intention for each day. It will help you power through the challenges that may crop up.

 05:30 A.M: See the Sunrise and Set My Tone for the Day

Meditation and yoga done,  armed with my Mac, I settle down at my dining table. One of my favorite places to start my day because I can see the sunrise clearly and in full gorgeousness.  It helps me face each day as a fresh start, a clean slate, a window of opportunity.

Step 4: Focus on tackling your “BIG” rocks or eating your frog.

05:30- 7:00 A.M: Work It, Baby!

I work focused on my “big rocks” or “frogs” and knock them off straight off the list. Tackling my major to-dos early in the day gives me a HUGE boost of motivation and allows me to literally sail through the other to-dos through the day. I work uninterrupted while the rest of the household sleeps for a good 1.5 hours. Here’s more about how I make my work-at-home time really “expand”.

It will not only motivate you but will help you be less stressed through the day. Plus, should an emergency crop up {a given in the life of a mompreneur!}, you will have the flexibility and peace of mind of dealing with it without worrying about work left undone.

7:00 A.M: Morning Madness {or Not!}

And then, I shut down laptop, don “mom” hat and get breakfast ready. Wake up Manini and Mayank, and start the school round. We don’t really have morning madness around our home most days, because we have a well-organized evening routine {for most of the days} which includes clearing up and packing up for school, laying out Manini’s school uniform and planning breakfast or her lunchbox menu. Here is more about how we keep school mornings tear-free and happy.

What do YOUR work-at-home mornings look like?

Cheering you on,


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  1. Love this. Except for I am an owl and trying to get awake is a really hard job. I get up with hubby at 6:30 each morning and spend most of the morning till noon just to get really awake.

    Looking at your list you sound like a FlyBaby to me. I hope you know what I mean. All of the blogposts I have read so far look like you have joined FlyLady for a very long time.

    • Hi Elisa, thanks:-) And no, I didn’t realize I’m a FlyBaby.. I’ll have to check that out:-) I haven’t joined FlyLady either:-) I must have checked her site out I’m sure some time ago, but I’m honored {I think:-)} that you think I’m a FlyBaby:-)
      You know, I used to be an owl when my daughter was a wee baby and my husband worked night shifts.. so I think that who you are really depends on the season of your life and how well YOU work it:-) So I totally get you:-)

  2. Prerna, you ARE Prerna! lol! I wake up at 4.30 too but never get to work that early. Will be trying that!

  3. This is a useful guide for all moms!!!! The day I oversleep, I feel all out of sorts and it’s like my day has gotten ahead of me!!

  4. Hi Prerna,

    Wow, I really like your early morning schedule, you get so much done before everyone wakes up! Have you always been an early riser? I have a bit of problem with that, which I am really trying to work on! Any tips would be most welcome:)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Sue.. Thank you and thank you for asking:-) No I was not an early riser always.. In fact, when I started working from home 5 years ago, my daughter was a baby and I would work nights when my husband was at work {he worked shifts too}.. I switched to an early morning routine, gradually.. I’d recommend taking baby steps.. Say, if you wake up at 8 AM now, start waking up 30 minutes or even, 15 minutes earlier, and see what you could do in that time..Alternatively, if your kids wake up at 9 AM, you could start waking at 8 then, and showering, dressing, getting in a 15-minute workout as well.. Start small, is what I’m trying to say and then go from there:-)

      • Hi Prerna, thanks for your prompt reply! After reading your blog, I was inspired, and managed to get up at 4.50 am this morning:). Hope I manage to keep it up though……..My daughter is starting to get up earlier, from 7.30am to 7am to 6 am this morning! But at least I managed to get in an hour’s work:). Thanks for your advice to start small:)

  5. Hi Prerna! This is very inspiring. I have 3 kids ages 0-3 and my 9mth old still wakes up 2x/night for milk so I’m very sleep-deprived. (Haven’t slept in about 3.5 yrs actually. =P )
    However, I do know that due to being at home with all 3 kids all day (we homeschool), by myself (Husband lives and works 1800 miles away), there’s no way I can get time to myself unless I wake up early. I’ve been staying up late which is messing me up! I have been inspired by this post to go to sleep at the same time as the kids and stay awake after my baby’s early morning feeding so I can have the best of the morning to myself! Thank you!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Jasmine!! Wow!! I can imagine how tough it must be and yes, you’re right.. the early morning hours can be blissful and if you’re an early bird {like me} help you knock off more work than ever!! All the best with your new routine and can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

  6. Hi Prerna, like you I wake up at 4:30 am but don’t shower and dress right away. I brush my teeth and then head straight in to the office to do my morning meditation and reading, then allow myself some guilt-free social media time. But I find sometimes that goes longer than it should an by the time I’m trying to get showered and dressed my toddler twins are awake and wanting Mommy! So I think I’ll do some tweaking and do the shower and dressing right away and then go on to the meditation. I’ve avoided using the early morning as work hours because I really wanted it to be “me time” but that is when I am truly at my best so I could probably get more done then and have spare time later in the day for the me time. Thanks for this post–it’s got my mind going on how I can tweak and improve my morning schedule.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Brenda!! That is awesome and I know how lovely it feels to get some guilt-free social media time in.. What I’ve started doing is rewarding myself with 10 minutes of social media surfing for every 45-50 minutes of work. Maybe you could try that as well!! I think you have a great start going for you with your mornings and just a tiny tweak could help :) Thanks so much for sharing what you’re doing and for stopping by!! Look forward to hear from you again:)

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