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5 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Work Through the Year {PLUS Goodies for YOU!}

Spring  cleaning

Well, we’ve come to the end of March and with that to the end of our Ultimate WAHM Spring Cleaning Challenge.wahm spring cleaning challenge

What areas of your home did you spruce up?

What health issues did you tackle?

What business tools did you clean out?

What digital clutter did you chuck?

Go ahead, share with me in the comments below and if you’re just joining in, don’t worry, head over here to find ALL the challenges and start whenever you’re ready.

Today, we’re going to look at 5 effective and easy-to-implement ways that I will be using to have a clean home, a healthy body, a productive business all through the year.

Let’s dive right in:

1. Write Down Your Goals

What are your goals when it comes to cleaning home, keeping your business streamlined and your health in shape?

Write down your goals for each month and then, the action steps you need to take to achieve them.

Next, schedule time to work on your goals and action steps.  Scheduling time to take action will help you to actually work towards your goals rather than just having them on a list and thinking that you’ll work on them once you work through that humungous{!} to-do list.

So, say, one of your goals is to shed 10lbs by summer {ahem, we know whose goal that is, right?!} , and one of the action steps for this is to get 45 minutes of exercise. Open up your calendar or planner and schedule time for this 45 minutes. Make it non-negotiable and there are 90% more chances of you getting that exercise than if you just think you’ll exercise for 45 minutes every day. Seeing that 45 minutes penciled into your planner will help you say “no” to demands on your time that you would have otherwise said “yes” to. Try it.

These days, I’m experimenting with using Google Calendar as my one-stop scheduling tool for everything. I have a Work Calendar and a Life Calendar, and til now it is working great. I get reminders. It syncs with my smartphone and tablet and I can share it with my husband.

2. Find an Accountability Buddy or Mentor

cannot stress the importance of this enough. Whether it is sticking to a cleaning or organizing routine or a productivity habit or even, eating healthier, having someone to hold us accountable, cheer us on, pick us up and keep us going is key.

I have accountability partners for my eating habits, my business development and my home management. I know that sometimes it may not be possible to find a partner or mentor for everything, but you can try to find an accountability buddy for your number one goal.

 Here are some great reads on finding a mentor easily:

How to Find a Mentor by Corbett Barr on Think Traffic – a great read for business owners and bloggers

A 6-Step Process for Finding a Mentor…Today by Kat on Simple Mom – perfect for moms and mom entrepreneurs. You’ll find my comment as well on this post. I absolutely loved it.

  3. Go Easy But DON’T Slacken

We’re moms who wear many hats – entrepreneur, chauffeur, chef, playmate, educator, carer. We need to go easy on ourselves and realize that we can’t do it all. BUT that isn’t reason for us to slack off.

For instance, I’m an early riser most of the time but the last few days, with an unwell daughter, my 4:30 AM wakeup time wasn’t happening. I didn’t stress over it because I knew I had to go easy on myself. As soon as she was better and sleeping well, I bounced back to my early morning routine.

A routine, a schedule, a flexi-structure, will help you to get things done and still breathe in peace.  Choose the routines that work best for your family and your current life season and be realistic but stay active and keep the momentum going.

 4. Commit to a New Habit for 21 Days

Research and numerous studies have shown that sticking to a new habit for 21 days helps you make it permanent. Whether it is  making your bed as soon as you wake up, exercising for 45 minutes, eating a salad for lunch or following a new business system, commit to it for 21 days and  see the difference. Crystal’s book 21 Days to a Disciplined Life has really helped me with this process.

 5. Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken

Finally, if something is working well for you, even if it goes against conventional wisdom, please don’t try to fix it. For instance, if doing laundry once a week suits your family fine, stick with it, regardless of everyone {including yours truly} who says do laundry every day.

Fix only what needs fixing and you’ll be able to enjoy a “spring-cleaned” home, business and body all year round.

Time to Celebrate!

Celebrate how far you’ve come and how much farther you WILL go this year! With Easter right around the corner, I have some lovely goodies lined up to help you celebrate living simple, stress-free and doing more with less. All these goodies are ONLY till 03/31/2013. 

300x250-current-bundle1. A Bible Study eBook Bundle to help you go forth into the new year {yes, it is a sparklin’ new year as far as I go!}. Get 5 lovely eBooks for just $7.40. Click here.


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2. A copy of Confessions of a Cloth Diapering Convert PLUS seriously amazing goodies, including a nursing cover, a nursing sling, a carseat canopy and LOTS more, all worth $250 to help you start your stash for ONLY $9.99.  Click here

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 3. A copy of my eBook, Summer Sanity Savers for the Work-at-Home Mom to help you get a head start on planning your work and life routines and schedules for summer and not getting overwhelmed when it does arrive for ONLY $6.  Click here and enter Coupon Code SPRING. 

Time to Share:

Choose ONE area of your life – home, business, health, that YOU will commit to spring cleaning all year round and share with me in the comments.




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