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How I Work From Home With My Husband As My Colleague and Partner

When Mayank and I decided to start our digital agency for small business owners in 2011, one of my greatest fears was not that the business would fail, but that we may not be great co-workers. **laughing** Seriously speaking, it is one thing to love the man you’re married to but it is a whole other thing to be working together, at home.

Will we tread on each other’s toes?

Will there be conflicts and disagreements?

Will we get enough space and creative freedom?

Will our daughter get enough attention with both of us working at home?

Today, I’m thrilled and honored to be over at Simple Mom sharing how Mayank and I work together. Head over and find out what worked for us as we learnt to work happily ever after as husband and wife slash business partners.

Even if your husband and you don’t work from home together, you may find my tips helpful in striking that balance between your WAHM life and “home” life so that your husband doesn’t feel as if you’re on the computer all day long.

So, click over to Simple Mom and read the rest of my guest post on working at home with your spouse.

Found me via Simple Mom? Start here!

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  1. My husband and I graduated from the same University, with the same degree. I used to think it would be a terrible idea to work in the same company. But looking at us now, I realized that I was actually scared of us competing against each other. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and where each person has a comparative advantage over the other is really a great help. I just wish he’ll stop thinking that I HOUSEKEEPING is my strength. LOL

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