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Home Office Desk Organization Tips: Work Better, Faster and Happier

budget home office desk organization

We’ll be redoing our home office or rather setting it up all over again later this month. And I’m SUPER excited and have been pinning things like crazy to my Decorating Inspiration pinboard.

However, while we’ll be adding a few things to the office space to make it more functional and prettier, some things will stay the same.

Our desk {as seen in the photo above}. It is minimal yet functional. However, we need to keep it uber-organized to make sure we can get our work done easily, quickly and without any stress.

Here’s how I organize my desk to boost productivity and have a happy “work” day:

1. A Clutter-Free Surface

Home Office Desk Organization Tips:  Work Better, Faster and Happier

The surface of our desk is pretty bare. {In fact, the flower vase is there just for this photo, else it goes on the dining table!} Keeping it bare means we don’t have any distractions or clutter blocking our creative flow. If you know me, having books on my desk will mean I will be flipping through them instead of working on my projects. I know!

However, by the end of our workday, the desk surface being sorta small gets cluttered up. So, what I have to do each time I wrap up work is clear things off so that I can come to a neat workspace in the morning. My evening routine includes this so I don’t get stressed about it.

2. Designated Landing Stations

One of the ways in which we can keep a clean and clutter-free desk surface is by having landing stations for everything that we need during our work-at-home hours.

Cellphone Basket: Our cellphones go into a small basket that you can see on the desk. Our chargers are in a separate box in the bedroom, since that is where we usually charge them.

Handbag Hook: This will be a new addition since I’ve gotten really tired of hanging my handbag or tote on the dining room chair. I got this idea from a BHG magazine and it is very convenient.

office organization tools

Storage Box for Papers: I love papering shoeboxes to turn them into storage boxes. I have 3 of them for my Christmas decorations and this one here is used to store random stationery- business cards, some spare journals and push pins, etc.

We don’t really need a lot of storage for paper, since we have a paperless office, pretty much. Thank you, Shoeboxed. **smiling**

3. An Organized Desk Drawer

Finally, I love my desk drawer. It holds office supplies and essentials to help us work without wasting time on looking for the USB flash drive or the  stapler.

As with pretty much everything else, I’ve organized it without spending a penny!

home office desk drawer organization

A sectioned metal food tray became a handy drawer organizer. The different compartments hold pens, paper clips, staplers, micro fiber cloths for cleaning the laptop screens and the flash drives.

A clear plastic candy box holds our spare batteries for the camera and below the candy box, my journal fits in nicely.

That’s it. There will be a few changes made as we shift the home office into a section of our master bedroom and also as we add on another business. But for now, this is my easy-peasy home office desk organization.

How do YOU organize your home office desk? Share with me in the comments. I sure am looking for ideas and inspiration


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  1. I should make use of my drawers! Thank you the idea! =>

  2. Using the steel food tray as a drawer organizer – pure genius!!

  3. I have a counter top we put lets on. I organized it by using Feng Shui which seems to be working to keep it from getting stuff piled on it. I would not put my home office in my bedroom ever again LOL. I either didn’t go to bed because I was working or I would wake up and think of something work related. Sever professionals including my specialist have advised against any kind of office or even a tv in the bedroom. Hubby can’t sleep unless the tv is on but has finally agreed to put it on a timer so I don’t have to go shut it off (he sleeps days due to grave yard shift, I sleep nights)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Juls! Using Feng Shui to organize your desk is so cool.. Did you refer to a particular resource for this or just found stuff on the Internet? I’d love to learn more about using Feng Shui and any trusty resources you can share will be useful.. I know about putting a desk in the bedroom.. but with our tiny apartment that heats up like an oven in the summer, that is really our only way out.. The bedroom’s air conditioned, the dining room is not:-)

  4. Declutter, declutter, declutter…

    That’s what I remind myself all the time. I have a HUGE home office desk and yet it feels cramped because I’m such a packrat and I can’t seem to let go of things… This year, I vow to change that. Simplicity is actually beautiful, this I realized… :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Ahhh.. Cham, you really should be ruthless when it comes to you desk:-) I’m sure baby steps will help too.. Ask yourself, “do you really need it?”If you hesitate for a minute before answering the question, let it go:-) Let me know if you need any help with motivation or inspiration for keeping a simple home office desk!

  5. Kathy Carter says:

    I also have my home office in my bedroom and I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment. I have found using shelves has been a major improvement for me. I can always go vertical when I can no longer go horizontal. And just fun for I will tell you a little secret about me… I have my printer sitting on a tote that is home to books I no longer need in the bookshelf. :-)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Kathy! LOVE shelves too.. I agree, going vertical is always a good thing, especially for small apartments and I think your idea of printer on a tote is genius!

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