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Evernote for Moms: How to Use This Free Tool to Get Organized Today!

Evernote for Moms: How to Use This Free Tool to Get Organized Today!

I don’t really remember when and how I discovered Evernote but what I do remember is how much it simplified my life.

However, it took me quite a while to figure the whole paperless thing out as well as learn how notebooks and notes functioned in Evernote. I learnt things as I went along and sometimes, got quite frustrated as well.

Because I was determined to be as paperless as possible, I kept at it and spent quite a bit of time figuring thing out.

 If you, too, are discovering the benefits and joys of using Evernote, you’ll be happy to know that YOU have a guide.

That’s right!

Lauren Rothlisberger has put together the extremely helpful A Mom’s Guide to Evernote   to help you learn how to use this amazing tool to get organized, cut paper clutter and save time as well.evernote ebook

 Making Evernote Work for You

As with every tool that I use, I try to “personalize” it to suit my busy life and multiple roles. Until I read Lauren’s book, I hadn’t yet personalized my Evernote usage. I realized that there was SO much more I could do with this great tool that syncs across gadgets and is always there for you to access.

Lauren covers everything about Evernote in her easy-to-read 32 page eBook.

From helping you install Evernote to addressing security concerns to giving you templates to use for various notebooks – taxes, banking, kids, cars, pet care, house decorating, she shows you how to completely leverage Evernote and turn it into your go-to digital “notebook”.

How I Changed the Way I Use Evernote

After I read A Mom’s Guide to Evernote , I realized that instead of only pinning things to Pinterest, I can organize my decorating efforts on Evernote instead and make them private, personal and easily accessible.

For instance, for our upcoming Home Office makeover, I have a notebook stack {Lauren explains what this means better than I do!}  called Home Office Ideas and within it I have notebooks titled Furniture, Organizing, Gadgets and each of those notebooks has my notes and clips on what I want for these areas.

I am also deliberating using Evernote to create a digitised version of my Home Management Notebook. Even if I don’t move everything there, I can still move a lot and cut down on paper clutter and usage. Thoughts?

 Simplifying Tech for the Traditionalist

Since I am a self-confessed paper-and-pencil loving gal, using Evernote took some getting used to and a bit of a learning curve as well. If you’re like me, you’ll love having Lauren’s eBook and friendly conversational style walk you through the steps and come up that curve rather fast!

According to me, here are the top 5 reasons why even traditionalists, like yours truly, can and should use Evernote to save time and get organized:

1. Access it Anywhere. On your Droid, iPad, iPhone, computer. Anywhere.

2. Cut Out Paper Clutter. As folks with a paperless home office, Evernote is a big part of our lives. But even, if you don’t have an office, you will be able to cut out papers related to schools, doctors, taxes, budgeting. Bliss!

3. Have All the Reference Info You Need. At Your Fingertips. Whether it is clothing sizes, shoe size, gift ideas, books you want to check out at the library, you can have it all in Evernote.

4. Clip What You Need Online. The nifty web clipper is my favorite tool. I use it clip blog posts I love, tools I want to check out, designs I like, recipes I want to try and so much more. Best part, I can save them in the relevant notebook, tag them appropriately and add my notes without leaving my browser. Ah-hah!

5. Searchable and Share-able. Even with Pinterest, searching is a pain. Seriously. That is where Evernote scores big. You can tag clips and notes or even, if you don’t tag them, the smarty pants that Evernote is, it will find everything that you need.

Ready to use Evernote? Make sure you have Lauren’s eBook to walk you through. Do you already use Evernote? Share with me in the comments how it helps YOU save time and get organized.


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  1. Thanks so much for the tip. I recently downloaded Evernote on my Chromebook and have enjoyed using it, but I knew it had more potential. I just downloaded the book, so I’ll soon find out what all I can do:-)

  2. I also use it already, but not to the fullest potential. going to gake a look at the book book now.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Monique! Glad to hear you’re an Evernote-r. Do check out the book or let me know if you have any questions about really leveraging this and I’ll be happy to help:-)

  3. I used Evernote for the longest time. However, without upgrading to the paid version I kept losing data. It was very frustrating. I did not use it to its full ability but have found for my purposes google docs/google drive has been so much more predictable.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Athena! I’m so sorry to hear of the troubles you had with Evernote.. Fortunately, for me, till now I have never experienced losing data.. That is frustrating.. Glad to know you;re using Google Docs now.. but Evernote does have some fancy-schmancy capabilities, like the clipper.. I hope Lauren can figure out as to why you were losing your data.. She is quite the Evernote genius:-)

    • Athena
      That is such a pain. I wish I could say I have a better answer for you. It sounds like maybe there is a miscommunication between devices on how much of your monthly limit is left. So you think it is saved, but then it turns out when you sync you are out of room. That is a total guess! Google Docs/Drive is def another good option.

  4. Prerna, thanks for such a wonderful review! I hope that other find the guide useful. I am not sure what you mean by Home Management System, but I did have a great guest post last week about combining the FLYLady with Evernote. You can check it out here If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Lauren! You are most welcome.. It is a great resource:-) Yeah, I mean exactly what your post is talking about and I’m going to go over it in depth later this week:-) It should be fun experimenting! Speaking of questions, maybe you could help Athena in the comments who had a tough time with losing data in Evernote.. I have NO clue why that happened!

  5. Thanks for the post. I really want to use it more than I do. But I noticed you never talked about sharing notebooks. My mom and I share a recipe notebook and that way she adds a recipe on hers and I can log in and see it so there is no emailing and extra organizing to do. It’s great! I also use it for work and personal. Love it!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Emily! You know what you’re right! That’s probably because I’ve just initiated my husband into the world of Evernote-ing and haven’t had a chance to share a notebook with him! But yes, that is another really cool feature of this already cool tool:-) Thanks so much for pointing this out!

  6. LOVE Evernote! Takes my productivity to a whole new level :). Thanks for the sharing Lauren’s book – I’m looking forward to learning more about this great tool!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      I know, Tami! It does boost productivity.. I’m excited to have found Lauren’s awesome book too since like I said, it helped me see “holes” that I could plug to make Evernote REALLY work for me!

  7. Liz Gossom says:

    I have found that using notebooks and stacks makes me spend more time maintaining my file system than doing the projects I was organizing. Now I have two notebooks – one titled “my brain” and the other one “priority projects in progress” and instead of seperate stacks and notebooks, I utilize the tag feature. So every time I mention my son Zach in a note, whether it be clothing sizes, school progress, his birthday party plans, I tag his name in it. Then I can pull up all notes concerning Zach in a heartbeat. If I want Zach and his medical history, I use the tags Zach and medical. Then it leaves out his birthday party plans.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Liz! I LOVE how you’ve simplified your notebooks and your Evernote system.. That is what ideal productivity is all about.. Tweaking the tool you love to make it really work for YOU! Good going!

    • I love this as well. I totally agree with Prerna, making the tool work is what really matters. That is a great system to pass along to those who find the Notebooks an extra step. (Sometimes I am that person too!)

  8. I love Evernote! I started using it about 2 years ago, and now have the paid version so I can access it on my iPad 1 whenever I don’t have wifi. I combine Evernote with Nozbe which is a GTD system. Using tags in Evernote attaches notes to Projects in Nozbe which I can date or not. I don’t worry about losing ideas in Evernote anymore, and it’s much easier to keep track of what needs to be done in Nozbe.

    I agree about personalizing tools. Most of my life is in Evernote, however, I have a paper blogging calendar on my desk, and I’m revising my Home Management binder on paper thanks to your Productivity 2.0 ebook.

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