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5 Lessons Learnt in 5 Years as a Work-at-Home Mom

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In March, my darling daughter will turn 5. I’m really excited about putting together a princess-themed party for her. March is also when I will be completing 5 years as a work-at-home mom. Wow!

The journey has been exciting, nerve-wracking, liberating, overwhelming. The lessons learnt have been many.

I learnt:

1. Building a Business and Managing a Home CAN be Done

If you’re at the stage where you’re wondering whether it is possible to manage cooking meals with creating client campaigns, let me tell you first-hand, it is possible. You can build a business and manage a home and NOT lose your mind in the process.

YES, you need to make a few sacrifices, have systems in place, outsource your pain areas and keep a realistic perspective of what to do both at home and for your business, but trust me, you can do both. Here are 5 simple things I did to build my business and retain my sanity as well.

2.  Failure Does NOT Mean Having to Stop

There will be failure and rejection.  Working at home or having your own business does not mean it will be all roses, all the time. However, failure does not mean having to stop. It just means having to trying harder, changing your direction or altering your path a little.

When I started writing online, I was blessed to fail {yes, fail!} at one of my first writing gigs. My editor returned the article to me 4 times before she accepted it. Did it deter me from giving up on writing? Clearly, it didn’t. **smiling** I accepted the feedback and inputs she provided with grace and tried harder. It paid off. In buckets.

3.  Working From Home is Work

Seriously this is one lesson that I really wish I had known about when starting out. For years, when someone would ask me, “So, do you work?”, my answer would be “”. Then, my loving husband sat me down and told me with utmost kindness, “Prerna, you DO work. You just work out of a home but you work just as hard and probably just as long as someone who’s in an office.”

Yes, my dear friends, whether you’re baking cupcakes, planning parties, selling jewelry, or are a writer, cloth diaper seller,  boutique owner, YOU are working.

4. You Don’t Have to Meet Someone to Be Their Friend

These days, most of my friends {and by friends I mean, gorgeous women who I can call on for support, guidance and inspiration}, are online. I haven’t met any of them. Yet. And we still laugh, chat, talk, share, vent together.

Don’t let working from home lead to isolation or loneliness. You don’t have to meet people in order to be their friend. It’s great if you can, of course. But don’t let distance stop you from being a friend. You just have to be you – warm, caring, compassionate, helpful.

5.   The Online World is a Small Place

You know how they say, the world is a small place. Make it the “online” world is a small place. Somehow it turns out that almost every virtual corner I turn, I bump into someone who knows someone else I know. **laughing** The six degrees of separation turn into 3 degrees when you’re online.

What I’m trying to say is again, don’t let distance come between you and others folks online. Whether it is providing excellent service or interacting with peers, stay real, professional and authentic.

 How long have you been working from home for? What have you learnt? Or what do you wish you can know right NOW about being a work-at-home mom? See you in the comments!


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  1. “Failure Does NOT Mean Having to Stop”…I just loved this line..very inspiring and motivational tips for mommys working from home…kudos to you Prerna :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Shashank! Thank you for stopping by.. And am so glad you liked one of the lessons I learnt..A hard one but very useful for sure:-)

  2. “You Don’t Have To Meet Someone To Be Their Friend…”

    This is so true… A lot of the nicest friends I have now are people I “met” online… :)

  3. I never knew your daughter was almost exactly the same age as mine (mine is 5 in April)! I’ve also been working from home for most of the time since she was born and I’ve also found a fantastic community of like-minded women online. And oh yes, working from home really IS work!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      SO glad to hear from you Helen and seriously, the online communities of like-minded women are such a blessing.. :-) I’m delighted to have YOU on my list of blessings to count:-)

  4. Totally awesome Prerna! You are my inspiration behind being an aspiring WAHM. You do it with so much conviction that I was drawn into your vision and I took the baby steps into being a WAHM and entrepreneur. But there is still a long way before I go till I reach your stage. I had to take up a full time job to sustain my monthly commitments, but that doesn’t mean I have failed and given up on The Wordsmith. The work continues there and the idea is to build it big enough so that I can move to it permanently…so yes, I believe you when you say “Failure does NOT mean having to stop.”

    With your permission, I would like to reblog this post for my company blog (which I am looking at revamping). I hope you don’t mind and give me your consent.

    Keep it rolling and being a source of inspiration.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Rituparna, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your learnings as well. I am thrilled to hear that you are committed to achieving your entrepreneurial goals, failures and hurdles nothwithstanding! Yay!! Regarding reblogging this, you can share an excerpt from the post {100 words or so} and link back here.. since sharing the complete post will lead to duplication. Thanks so much for asking and for the support!

  5. I found this post so helpful! I’ve spent my 15 minutes of learning today on this post and the links within it! I just began a new blog for WAH, homeschooling mothers like myself. I will definitely be linking to this in the coming week for my readers. Thank you for the inspiration once again.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Jennifer! Thank you.. I checked out your blog as well and it is lovely.. Am also honored that you spent your 15 minutes of learning on my site.. Thank YOU!

  6. what a wonderful post Prerna. Yes working from home is WORK. :) my DH works from home, and we have sailed through suspiciious eyes, but does he or me care? No…
    I work fulltime at a regular job, he works from home and we have seen the best and the worst of both worlds :)

    good luck with your job this yeat, you are doing great!!!!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Poonam, thank you for sharing and glad you liked the post! I agree, working from home is still not very popular in India..LOL! But we’re getting there, I think:-)

  7. Great post! Two aspects resonate with me – that failure can lead to growth and online friends can be excellent friends and just as real as my neighbour. I am a new fan 😉

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Katie! Welcome to The Mom Writes. Delighted that you stopped by.. Yes, failure is most definitely a strong lesson but a good one too! Here’s hoping you make many beautiful friendships online in this year! You’ll love the camraderie and the authenticity!

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