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Power Through Your Weekly Routine with a Downloadable Planner From My Upcoming eBook

weekly schedule planner

I’ve been having the most awesome time putting the finishing touches to Productivity 2.0: More Impact, Less Work. The eBook has evolved beautifully and in it I share ALL the productivity hacks that help me juggle multiple businesses, truckloads of writing {thank you, God!} and a happy home.

I’m excited and hopeful that once it launches, all of you will be able to use it to create an intentionally productive and profitable life for yourself as a mom, entrepreneur, home manager.

Today I thought we’ll do something fun! Yes, I’ve been promising y’all that I’ll be sharing sneak peeks at what the eBook will offer, so here’s a gift for YOU!

Download The Productive Person’s Weekly Planner for FREE! It is one the planners included in the eBook, along with nearly 8 others! But you get it right now for free,  just ‘coz I love you.. Yes, I am cheesy like that! **smiling**

Go ahead, click here and download it.

UPDATE: Productivity 2.0 is now IN STORE! Click here to get the whole deal!

Like all the planners and trackers shared earlier, this one too is Excel-based.

 Why Excel?

Mayank and I thought long and hard about this. We deliberated using .PDFs, the editable ones. But then decided on Excel.

The reasons are many, but here are our Top 3:


  1. Excel is easy-to-use and get used to. It allows for FULL customization and personalization. You  can add a time slot if you need it, remove others if you don’t. Yeah, editable .PDFs didn’t let us do that.
  2. It is paperless and SO, you don’t need a new copy every time, every day, every week.
  3. You can save it in the cloud on Dropbox or iCloud and access it from anywhere, while on the go. I love that I can make changes to my schedule without crossing things off and making a mess of my weekly planner in my Dotmine planner.

Okay, now that that’s done, here’s a look at the downloadable planner and  how to use it for a productive week at work and home:

week at a glance planner

Daily Schedule: Fill in the daily schedule for whatever day of the week you’re on. For the next day, delete the old schedule and voila, you have a clean daily schedule to fill in.

Work Week at a Glance:  Fill in our projects through the week. Jot down any meetings, seminars, client assignments that you would be working on. Seeing everything that you’ll need to do through the weke will help you identify your MITs for the week, which is the next section.

Most Important Tasks for Work: The MITs or Most Important Tasks are the non-negotiables for your business or work. Once you’re done with them, you can move on to the other tasks from your Work Week at a Glance.

home routine planner

Home Management at a Glance: Similar to Work Week at a Glance, this will help you see how you’re placed on the home front and will let you adapt your work schedule accordingly.

I like noting down organizing projects, meals for the particular day as well as any special events, like a dinner party or play date that would need me to move work stuff around.

I wanted BOTH these sections on the same page since it is a LOT easier to productively plan your week and your time when you can see how you’re placed both at home and at work simultaneously.

My Must-Do List for Our Home:  Jot down the non-negotiables for your home. My top 3 include meal planning, time with my daughter and husband, laundry. Everything else is fluid and flexible.

weekend routine planner

The 2nd tab in the planner will show you the Weekend Planner, with Saturday and Sunday. Use this to plan out a weekend that is fun and yet productive.

Ready to power up your weekly routine?

Get your downloadable planner. It will save directly on your laptop or computer. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Better still, use it this week and come back to share how it’s worked for you.Productivity ebook

Like what you see? Download YOUR copy of Productivity 2.0: More Impact, Less Effort to get ALL the tips and tools I
use to supercharge your productivity and enjoy more peace in your life and profits in your business.


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  1. Love this planner! Thank you :-)

  2. Very nice planner. Yes, I also use excel to plan for the week. But, this is the wonderful planner. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. This is a great idea. I’ve been using David Byrd’s planning system, and he advises CEOs on how to get organized. He says write down what you’re going to do the next day before you go to bed. That way every day you have a plan!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thank YOU Gracie! I agree.. knowing what you have to do the next day is probably the easiest way of getting it done:-) Glad you liked the planner!

  4. Prerna,
    Again you bless us with free gifts! Thank you…I donwloaded the planner because I just retired and am busier now than ever before. I wanted a way to schedule my writing/school visits/etc…I think your planner looks great…I will give it a try.:)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Vivian, thank you SO much for your heartfelt appreciation. I am humbled. Also, I am glad you’ve downloaded the planner and look forward to hearing how YOU used it:-) Thank you again!

  5. Hi Prerna, Just a quick note to let you know that I have shared your website and downloadable planner. Link below and it is scheduled to post tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for all the great info. Nancie

  6. A friend just pointed me to your web site today. This planner is so great. Several years ago I went into excel and created my own planner pages because I hated how planners ended at 6pm as if my life ended at the end of a work day. At the time I was a full time homemaker and my job was 24/7 and needed a calendar that helped me juggle all the hours not just the daytime ones. Now that I am working I am even more perplexed by calendars ending at 6pm and time management books that only focus on work. Half my life happens evenings and weekends! Thanks for this resource.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Melanie! Thank YOU! I’m so glad you’ve found this useful and I agree.. That was the reason behind creating this AND then, my eBook.. Because what I found online and offline didn’t bring the multiple roles we play together into a neat little package!

  7. Hi I cant seem to download planner ? Is there any way you could email me as an attachment? Looks so great !!

  8. I am just in a process of finding the right planner, and I came at yours web page. Thank you very much for the efforts you put in this, and generosity for sharing. All the best in New Year, Tatjana, from Serbia

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