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Get Organized the Easy Way with List PlanIt!

Get Organized with List Plan It

Lists and me are best friends forever. I make lists for everything. If you’ve downloaded my free eBook on organizing, you’ll know that. **smiling**

I make lists for:

  • Things to do
  • Meals to make
  • Groceries to buy
  • Activities to do with Manini
  • Places to visit before I die {or turn 40!}
  • Blog projects I want to do…

And SO much more.

I don’t really remember when I discovered List PlanIt, but I remember thinking that it was the coolest, neatest place to be in. **laughing**

There are hundreds and hundreds of lists for you to choose from. The creator of List PlanIt, Jennifer Tankersley has made your life as a mom, home manager, business woman a LOT easier.

While I’m a huge fan of Jessica’s Organizing Life as Mom planner for making my home management notebook, this year, I’ve pulled out a lot of lists from List PlanIt to customize my home management notebook and make it really work for me and my family in this season of our life.  {Stay tuned for my post on that!}

The BEST part is that if you don’t want to go through the activity of choosing individual lists, you can simply pick up an ePlanner which has ALL the lists you need for a particular activity in one simple downloadable package.

The Lists in Action to Help You Get Organized

Most of the lists are editable, which means that you can fill them out on your laptop and either print them out or store them as is in your digital home binder folder.

I’ll be using quite a few of these editable lists including Room-by-Room Purge, the Reading List from Student Planning {for myself!} and

I can also,see myself using the Birthday Planning lists for Manini’s upcoming birthday in March. While I have some of my own planners for Manini’s after-school activities, this year I am  using the afterschool planner and the Home Education lists  in Student Planning to make sure that her after-school and semi-homeschool  routine is organized, streamlined and easy for her and us while keeping the lists and schedules in my home management binder sort of uniform.

Here’s how her Home Education plan looks like for this week:

get organized with list planit!

The Perfect Tool for Work-at-Home Moms

With lists and ePlanners for Business Planning and Time Management, you can put together your own business organizer with List PlanIt in a matter of minutes for less than the price of a latte! Seriously, with ePlanners and list memberships available for just $5,  it is simply awesome.

Yes, I think List PlanIt is a great resource for every mom, homemaker and entrepreneur who wishes to get organized and stay that way without breaking the bank or losing her sanity. You know how much I value personalizing productivity tools and List PlanIt lets you do JUST that and more.

Are you a list-maker? Share with me in the comments!


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