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Change: My ONE Word for The New Year

new year goals

Happy New Year, my dear readers! I’m SO grateful for each one of you and humbled by your love and loyalty! Thank YOU.

This year is all about Change for me, on both personal and business levels. Here are some of the changes that you’ll be seeing and hearing me talk about as we progress through the year.

 Why Change?

 Change, for me, represents momentum, taking action and progress, rolled into one. I want 2013 to be all of this and then some, and ‘change’ fit the bill perfectly. Change can’t take place unless you take action and change generally brings forth movement and some form of growth or progress. You may not be successful with a particular change but you’d still have grown thanks to the lessons learnt.

 Changes for The Mom Writes

New year goals


Oohh, am SO excited about everything that we have planned for you but to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes:

1.  A revved up, brand-new selection of content offerings to help YOU grow your business. From posts on social media strategies to SEO tips to business building hacks that work, you’ll see all this along with our regular and hugely popular posts on organizing and home management, productivity and money management.

We’ll also be adding more content on travel tips for work-at-home mothers, money management when income isn’t steady, tech tips for mom entrepreneurs, relationships management for a work-at-home mom, and easy fashion for the WAHM.

2.  A fresh, new design to represent the broader and yet more focused content on the site and also to showcase the nature of the site – playful yet professional, personal yet business-oriented.

3.  A community to help YOU kickass in 2013. It’s FREE and fabulous, already. Head over here and join us and share, ask, talk, grow, change.

4.  A whole FREEBIES section updated with existing free downloads as well as a bunch of awesome new downloadable trackers, planners, and more to help you get organized, productive and profitable. Stay tuned for the first one this Monday!

5.  I’ll also be bringing on more amazing guest posters and a team of expert columnists towards the latter half of the year. We’ll be learning from the pros about home management, business management and more via posts and interviews. Have someone you’d like me to interview? Let me know.

  Changes for the Mom Behind The Mom Writes

On the personal front, I have a few changes lined up **smiling**. Briefly, they can be summed up as:

 Read More

I did a fair amount of reading in 2012, thanks to the Kindle app and my library. In 2013, I want to be more focused about my reading and am already building my reading list for both business and non-business books. However, now that I have an iPad Mini {thanks to my loving husband and daughter}, I will be reading more e-versions than paperbacks.

Move More

I need to get some exercise into my day. I’ve tried in 2012 and failed but 2013 is all about changing that. I’ve signed up for yoga classes to help me build flexibility and strength and will be going for a walk every evening, accompanied by my MP3 player.

Play More

This is also the year when we want to travel and save for future international travel. We’re already planning out our vacations for this year and Mayank is putting together a savings plan for a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2014. Play more for me will also mean taking more time out my soon-to-be 5 years-daughter and do more fun things together, other than baking and reading. We’ll keep doing those but I’m looking for more ideas. Suggestions?

Love More

**shame-facedly** I have a confession to make. I forgot {totally forgot!!} to get my ever thoughtful husband {he who got me an early Christmas present} a gift this Christmas. **hangs head in shame** I was truly deeply sorry but more than that, painfully aware of how self-absorbed I had become. Reading this soon after served as the perfect catalyst to help me resolve NEVER to let this happen again.  2013 is the year when I start to live the honeymoon life with my husband.**smiling**

Get Real More

We’re moving towards eating more real foods and while, luckily the Indian diet is largely plant-based and quite healthy, modern living has morphed it into a mix of processed foods, packaged goods and chemical-laden, sugar-heavy stuff.  We’ll both be giving up or reducing our consumption of packaged and processed foods not only to live healthier but also to feel better.

Also, speaking of real, 2013 is when we move fully towards not just real food but also natural, homemade beauty products. I’ve shared how I’ve moved to the oil-cleansing routine. This year will be all about continuing that and going greener and more natural with both beauty products and routines.

 What is YOUR word for 2013 and why? Share with me in the comments!


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  1. I love this. It is always so inspiring to see others goals. I completely agree that change brings growth.

    My word for the year is to be present. In whatever I’m doing. When I’m with my kids, to be all there. Even blogging. I tend to do it while I’m doing lots of other things, and have facebook or twitter open, etc. It means I’m not focused and I’m not giving my blog (and therefore my readers) my entire presence during that time.

    So my goal for this year is to have focused times to write and work on the blog and then be fully present doing that. And when I’m with my family, to be present there too.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hey Johanna! Thanks, and I think your word for the year is perfect.. Being present is SO important.. That is why I stopped multitasking years ago and am so much happier and more productive as well.. All the best with your goals!

  2. I’m looking forward to a year of change, too – for me, 2013 will be the year of publishing. I’ve also started Project DO to help me keep me on task de-cluttering and getting better organized in all areas – personal and business. I think 2013 will be a great year!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Crystal! That is awesome. Am SO excited for you.. I’m also curious about Project DO, so I’m gonna pop over to your blog and check it out:-) Wishing you awesomeness for 2013!

  3. The first time I read your post, I wanted to force myself to come up with my own word right away. Turns out that it’s something that you cannot impose upon yourself.

    Now I finally have one. I will blog about it soon and share it with you.

    Thanks for the inspiration… :)

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