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5 Seriously Simple and Super Ways to Kick Productivity Slumps

productivity slump

So, you’ve been breezing along and knocking things off your to-do lists but then..

  •  Unexpected houseguests arrive
  • A child falls sick
  • Your spouse or partner has to travel.. overseas
  • The school shuts down because of snow/rain/storms
  • Life happens

And your productivity slumps. When things get back to normal, you just can’t get into the groove. Nothing you do seems to bring your time management mojo back. You feel unmotivated, crabby and those forgotten feelings of overwhelm start to creep back.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there. I’ve felt this way countless times and have finally figured out a few simple but kickass ways to overcome these productivity speed bumps and get back on the time management highway.

Here are 5 of my favorite ways to get my mojo back:

1. Announce Your Goal

One of the best ways to get grooving again is to announce your goal and a deadline. Say, you want to kick start working on your book, so, how about telling your community and your network that you’ll be launching your book end of next month? That puts your goal out there. You’ll have people asking about it and be motivated to work on it just to make sure that you keep face, if nothing else!

2. Stay Accountable

Finally, stay accountable to getting things done. Whether it is organizing the mudroom or getting that project from work completed, accountability goes a long way in keeping you on track, inspired and encouraged.  I find accountability with my mentors, spouse, and YOU, my community online.

3. Experiment with a New Productivity System

Sometimes, adding a dash of novelty works to amp up your productivity. Try a new planner or calendar. Work with a different productivity system or technique, such as the Pomodoro Technique. But remember to adapt whatever tool or technique you find to suit your lifestyle.

 4. Reclaim Your Most Productive Hours

Maybe the holidays led to sleeping in or going to bed late and totally whacked your most productive hours out of the park. Now is the time to re-claim your time. Start setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier or if you work in the night, move away from the television 30 minutes earlier and see if it makes a difference. Get back your most productive time slots if you can or find a different time slot that works best for you , if you’re in a new season of life, say a new baby.

5. Get Inspired

Need to rediscover what being productive is all about? Read a few productivity blogs. Make notes. Head over to Pinterest to find some cool posts and infographics. Print out inspiring quotes and put them up where you can see them. Get inspired to get productive.

To inspire, motivate and of course, help YOU to rock your productivity in 2013 with more impact and less effort, **drumroll**, am announcing that I’m just about putting the finishing touches to my eBook, Productivity 2.0: More Impact, Less Effort {available for pre-orders January 25, 2013!} Click to download your copy NOW!

Here’s a peek at the cover {I shared it yesterday on Facebook but in case you missed it, here you go!}

productivity ebook

Ain’t it gorgeous?! The super talented Karen Gunton of build a little biz designed this for me. She’s also the genius behind all my other eBook covers!

Any way, I’m SUPER excited about this AND for the first time will be launching a members-only community – The Productivity 2.0 Power Tribe, along with the eBook.

I’m committed to helping ALL of YOU to really get going and meet those goals, cross those to-dos and have an intentional, personalized productivity system this year. So stay tuned for all of this!

How do YOU get out of a productivity slump? Share with me in the comments!


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  1. So excited about your new ebook, Prerna! I know it is going to be so helpful!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks, Johanna! I’m super-excited about it too since it is the first time I will be hosting a community with it as well.. SO exciting!

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